The out-of-touch-with-reality syndrome

I took a break from blogging for all of the last two weeks, with an understanding that there wasn’t much inspiration being found in the news, Facebook, and etc. for me to post a topic.  Well, now there are a few issues that have since made an appearance.  Robert Herold wrote an article about the Warren Court and who had made up the SCOTUS back in the 1960s.  Compared to today, when the Justices primarily come out of law school, enter the world of corporate law, then somehow enter the fast track to eventually find themselves on SCOTUS itself.  Their lives are so sheltered from the every day lives of ordinary people, or the struggles of ordinary people, that there is no question where their political ideologies must invariably lay.

It used to be called “The Ivory Tower.”  It also used to be a pejorative affixed to the old left and probably for a good reason.  What did these people know, who went to Harvard for example, about the hard and gritty reality of ordinary Americans…  Now “The Ivory Tower” status has affixed itself to the so-called “conservatives” on the present Roberts court.  Justices there, who apparently have no clue how their rulings would affect the vast majority of us, as they beneficially act on the behalf of certain special interests.  Clueless and naive, used to be the claims made against the old liberalism.  For Mr. Herold to make “The Ivory Tower” argument against the Roberts court today, maybe the Roberts court is the new leftism.  For the week of June 5—11 2014.

President Obama traded five Taliban prisoners for one Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl now 28 years old.  He was returned to American custody alive, but not necessarily in good health, in the last week.  Since that time, the B.S. has surely hit the fan.  The hatred has reached the point of over-the-top vicious, since Bergdahl was returned to us.  I am neither going to mention the author’s name in the Coeur d’Alene Press’ letters nor the title of his letter.  But his long-winded rant filled with vitriol is typical of what I have also seen on Facebook.  What the fellow apparently hasn’t realized, Sgt. Bergdahl has to be investigated by the U.S. Military to determine if in fact he deserted.  Maybe he did.  If he did, then he is subject to the UCMJ and not to the court of public opinion.  The U.S. Army must satisfy itself on the facts, did six men lose their lives searching for Bergdahl, yes or no?  Did Bergdahl leave a note behind stating his intentions, yes or no?  If yes, that being the case, then we should have heard of all the circumstances of Bergdahl’s disappearance, at the time it happened.  It can’t change the outcome, we still had to get him back.  Thus, for 2 June 2014, a Jim Wright posts a comment on about the Bergdahl issue. Also a more current 4 June 2014 followup on the same issue. He’s right, of course.  Spewing a lot of venom now about the outcome of the “prisoner swap,” changes nothing of this country’s obligations to our own people.  Regardless of the circumstances of Bergdahl’s disappearance, and if he is ultimately found to be guilty of desertion, he is still home.  That is what matters the most.

Ever hear of fictional talk radio?  It isn’t the old timey listening to the serial “The Shadow,” airing live on broadcast radio for a few minutes each day.  No, this is talk radio that purports to claim that everything being said is true.  A portion of another letter also in the Friday 6 June 2014 edition of the Coeur d’Alene Press, made the claim that illegal aliens are some how swarming our military bases:  Well, now I haven’t watched the CBS Evening News all that much.  I haven’t watched the local news on KREM 2 all that much either.  But if illegal aliens were running amok on military bases, per President Obama’s orders, then I would certainly be seeing the facts of it on the various news feeds found on Facebook.  The regular news media would be all over it, if it were true.  That’s the problem, the people who can’t stand the idea that President Obama might be a “liar” regardless; listen to entertaining levels of fiction pumped out daily from talk radio.  You want to see fiction, I’ll happily sell it to you,  Just $9.99 downloadable to your Kindle, Iphone or Ipad with an 18¢delivery charge.  But it is a fictional work and not factual; certainly not to be taken as gospel.  With these letter writers however, they’ll believe the line of bull coming from talk radio long before they’ll believe anything coming from government.  And while I’ll agree that lines of bull does come from the politicians of our various levels of government, typically they will spout the bull for a variety of political reasons.  What struck me in this other fellow’s letter was apparently, Senator Ted Cruz is the only politician standing up for the average American…  Actually, that sounds like a pre-2016 Presidential endorsement for Senator Cruz.  Because otherwise, the Senator Cruz I am informed about, stands for nothing except what he can attain political advantage from.  Being a Canadian import and the son of a guy who fought on the behalf of a Marxist Cuba, I doubt that Senator Cruz stands for the American people.  That is, if what I heard was true about Senator Cruz’s dad, then he is the son of a Communist.  Thus, not necessarily is Senator Cruz an acorn, that fell far from the tree.

Being a writer of fantasy and sci fi stories, I am sure I know the difference between fantasy and the real world.  The real world in which I can get sick enough from debilitating health problems, that holding down a “real job” at the age of 60, is likely beyond me.  The real world in which an Idaho State elected official named Kathy Sims(?) can vote against a crisis center for the mentally ill here in Kootenai County.  Regardless of what Proverbs 29:7 may say about the matter.  Apparently, “we can’t just spend that money on Idaho’s citizens,” kind of attitude.  But we’ll defend anti-choice laws, we’ll spend plenty of money catering to privatized educational corporations, we’ll spend plenty of money listening to the bloviating of the NRA representatives in Boise, Idaho’s state capitol.  We’ll even have the money to spare, to handle the fraud charges against privatized prisons for profit, setting up shop in Idaho.  But when it comes to making it possible for the Kootenai County Sheriff Department handling property crimes, DUI arrests, etc. instead of having to watch over a fellow with paranoid schizophrenic issues finally getting admitted to the emergency ward; suddenly the money isn’t to be found.  This was in a recent Inlander, by the way.  Or the reality of “Open Carry Texas,” where the zanies in this case can’t recognize that their own actions are the reasons why, various businesses like Chili’s don’t want them around.  Neither would I.  Yes, those kinds of realities.  Something that you won’t see the haters on Obama deigning to discuss, in any letter to the editor.


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