Obviously, the following “Daily Show” link will involve much more than just a discussion of the NRA.  However, it is good that Mr. Jon Stewart “front paged” this, introducing this segment at the top of his show:–2014—aneesh-chopra 

The original episode had aired last night.  And it was quite the revealing discussion about first, a Chipotle Restaurant in Texas asking that people openly carrying assault rifles, please leave them at home. Well, because the other customers were upset at seeing the guns being carried into the fast food restaurant.  Which I would fully understand.  On the Facebook news feeds, I am thinking this was KHQ News, the news staff wondered if Chipotle Restaurant was making the right call.  I responded, “Yes, as a private business establishment, Chipotle was well within its rights.”  Then some jackass decided to introduce the “abortion” issue re the Affordable Care Act, in response to me.  That was when I replied to his posted comment about the need to treat other people and their rights with respect.  If he could not see doing that, refused to consider it at all, then he had no business even discussing a matter that wasn’t on topic.  The next jackass that responded, then discussed the “Lubley(?) (Restaurant, I guess) Massacre.”  Trying to liberally excuse the people openly carrying assault rifles, as maybe concerned for their own safety.  As Mr. Stewart appropriately said, most people would just see such people as a “guy with a gun.”  They wouldn’t know what a “guy with a gun” might do in bringing the gun to a restaurant; like shoot them, perhaps.  Which was the case in the abovementioned massacre.

What is interesting, is that in all my years of sometimes eating at restaurants, people with a love for guns did keep them at home or on a gun rack in their pickups.  They didn’t carry their weapons into a private business especially a restaurant, period.  Now, the argument seems to have become, my rights to my toys takes precedence over any consideration of my fellow man.  It is from this motivation of pure selfishness, that an Adam Lanza can grab a legally owned weapon, kill his mother and shoot up a school full of children and six of the school staff.  If Mama Lanza bought guns for self-protection and was training her sons to use them to that end, well tragically, that isn’t what ultimately happened.

So, what about “smart weapon” technology?  That was included here as well.  Without the bracelet, even if the weapon may otherwise be loaded, the criminal breaking and entering your home can’t use your own weapon against you.  Only the highly unreasonable individual, would deride any attempt at keeping a criminal from stealing or using against you, your legally owned sidearm.  He has your gun, but you have the bracelet, he can’t use your gun to kill another person.  That would be the purpose presumably, of what smart technology would do toward the prevention of crime.  Then I guess the NRA isn’t interested in preventing crime.  At the end of this segment Jon Stewart told everyone watching his show, that the NRA had finally met its match, the NRA.  The NRA is no longer capable of holding a principled stand on anything.


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