You realize that when they get scared

Say, George Nethercutt, you who used to be a member of the House of Representatives and then a well-paid Washington, D.C. lobbyist; perhaps you’ll remember who it was that denigrated those government institutions.  That’s right, you can look in the mirror.  But I’ll guess you can’t handle that, so you open up a can of whoop-ass on President Obama’s butt, instead.  Or you’ll screech about Mrs. Obama’s “lavish vacations” because apparently, the GOP have finally discovered that they have nothing positive to run on by November 2014.  Benghazi is more a “problem” for Hillary Clinton than it is a problem for President Obama.  Especially when people can flatly and correctly point out that there were more lives lost, under more tragic and embarrassing circumstances during GOP administrations, than is a fact with this administration.  And you GOP shrugged your shoulders, yawned and then moved on; unconcerned that maybe other American families would have loved answers about their own lost loved ones.  To this day, they are never likely to do so.  It happened during the watch of GOP administrations, no big deal.

So, our young people from 18 to 29 have become cynical and generally lacking in hope.  Where’s the jobs?  Let us remind Mr. Nethercutt that the GOP spent a good many years saying that government can not create jobs.  Well, a heavily subsidized private sector with a whole lot of tax breaks, can’t seem to create them either.  Seems they want some kind of “certainty from government,” or some kind of “certainty that they will get customers,” before they’ll introduce new jobs.  Well, it becomes the vicious circle, of scapegoating and finger pointing that assures nothing is done, that finally leads to our young people being inundated in college debt and no certainties that they will have a good job and a stable future.  Once you look past the shallow partisan talking points that is, this is what you find to be true.  If there is no “hope” for the young people, I suspect that partisan politics does play a huge role, the rest is the consequence of human greed.

Did the Affordable Care Act produce unfulfilled promises?  Or did the insurance companies decide to go the route of the banks, trying to take advantage of the laws in the early stages, and exploit their customers where they could.  Of course, the latter.  Ultimately, the insurance companies loved the new law enough,that the GOP aren’t going to be able to gain much traction on “Obamacare” in 2014.  You won’t hear Nethercutt having to admit to this however.  Therefore, what he doesn’t admit to, he isn’t honest about.  It wasn’t just a Republican who ends up firing the staffer he was caught kissing; or another Republican who is indicted on fraud and etc. charges; who ultimately embarrassed the GOP just this year.  How about Judge Roy Moore, who’s viral video says that the First Amendment applies only to Christians.  The multiple SCOTUS decisions that favor the deep-pocketed few, the SCOTUS decision that voided racial anti-discrimination laws in a number of areas to include voting rights.  Where the GOP are on the march to disenfranchize large segments of the populace; I shouldn’t doubt that we can have young people holding a low opinion about the government and the institutions of government, as not likely to ever hear them or respond to their needs.  None of that has anything to do with President Obama, it has everything to do with “Citizens United” and etc.  Again, Mr. Nethercutt isn’t likely to admit it.

How about Cliven Bundy?  If the GOP decided to “take issue” with a Democratic member of the U.S. Congress for saying that, opposition to President Obama is based on race; what has Mr. Bundy been opposed to that would have militias acting on his behalf?  Would he be paying his range fees and etc. if the President had been a Republican and white?  Would militias and etc. have come to his side, to “protest” the actions of the BLM, if they were operating under a white Republican administration?  Probably not.  So, whether we like it or not, something like this gets more play because of the President’s race, not because of his politics.

Any first lady since the 20th century has likely gone on good will tours.  Unless we were at war, it is likely that a lot of them had.  Until now, how many Republicans inclusive of George Nethercutt, have screeched about how much money was spent?  Especially at a time when the nation was hurting?  Well, then Mr. Nethercutt proved that Democrat to be entirely correct.  

Mr. Nethercutt lives well and prospers greatly, even though this nation is hurting.  He can put a lot of money, where it will benefit the interest groups he lobbies for, where they will benefit the most.  Even though the nation is hurting.  An honest self-examination before a mirror, seems to be out of the question with this particular partisan columnist.  —The Inlander, week of 8 to 14 May 2014.


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