GOP: Stay on Point

The editorial is published in the Spokane, Washington, free Weekly, “The Inlander.”  It can also be found, I am sure on for anyone interested in reading it.  John T. Reuter, a former member of the Sandpoint City Council, is the executive director of Conservation Voters for Idaho.  He is also active in protecting the environment, expanding LGBT rights and the Idaho Republican party.  So a summary of what his published editorial presented.

First of all, Mr. Reuter discusses, that the long term success for the Republican party must be more than just saying “no” to government.  He points out a few good Republican ideas such as “Cap and Trade,” Common Core,” and the “Romney health care plan of Massachusetts.”  Then Mr. Reuter goes on to complain about the Republicans running away from their own good ideas, the moment those ideas gain Democratic support.  I’ll agree with that, President Obama begins endorsing “Common Core,” and authors of letters to the editors to the Coeur d’Alene Press, then begin dissing their own ideas as “communist.”  If it is now, to put it bluntly, it was before when the Republicans first put this particular idea on the table.  And here the people at were pointing fingers and sniggering, over what “Obamacare” was supposed to do the Democratic party chances at elective office in November.  Seems to me, they could pay closer attention to the GOP as far as that goes.  The Republicans have becomes so hyper-partisan it seems, that they are unwilling to back the kinds of laws or reforms that this country could truly use.

Mr. Reuter named some names here, and he obviously did the research to specifically point out, when the GOP were supportive of educational reform and under what useful circumstances that reform might benefit others.  Precisely, it could be called a “conservative” educational reform, owing to a willing collaboration between states.  Just as cap and trade as described, would reduce over time, the carbon levels of polluting industries.  A compromise piece of legislation where by, those very same industries wouldn’t have to lose a lot of profit, for having to put in very spendy upgrade equipment.  Immigration reform had bipartisan support in the Senate, but apparently the “TEA party” controlled House of Representatives, couldn’t tolerate Senator Reid supporting something like that.  All in all, Mr. Reuter is telling the GOP, that if you keep running away from your ideas, once they gain bi-partisan support, both the party and the country are weaker for it.  Well, I agree.

I might not always watch the news, but I do watch the Facebook news feeds.  I also will read the comments that go with those news feeds.  The people who are increasingly fed up with GOP childish behavior, will say so.  The enablers, on the other hand, are often brutal and tantrum throwing children.  Visit the letters section.  Some people commenting just want to express how they feel about the letter’s stated topic.  Others however, look for all kinds of excuses to go on the attack.  There can be no reasonable discussion, agree/disagree about anything.  There can only be the name-calling because obviously, the children have run out of decent ideas.

I liked it that “The Inlander” published John T. Reuter’s column, weeks in advance of the GOP primary here in Idaho.  I’d suggest that the Republicans might want to read this column and start accepting personal responsibility for when they actually have some good ideas.  That is, if they don’t want “the people” voting for the Democrats, instead.  How hard is it really, for members of a political party to just grow up?


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