The latest “Slow Poke” cartoon

“The Inlander” is a decent weekly alternate newspaper that covers a lot of local news and issues of importance, especially in Spokane, Washington.  Sometimes, “The Inlander” goes as far as covering issues and news, well beyond Spokane.  One of the cartoons that I like looking at, that appears in “The Inlander” weekly, is “Slow Poke.”  The link is or you can twitter@JenSorenson to see the four panel cartoon that I am about to describe.

The title is:  “TYRANNY of the COLLECTIVISTS.”  Description of the first panel is, four men in gray suits carrying brown briefcases.  The opening caption is, “They tend to look and speak alike, often projecting their gray conformity onto others.”  The four men already described previously, speak in unison, “WE MUST DESTROY COLLECTIVISM.”

The second panel shows us three men sitting in an office, all are wearing a gray suit.  On one wall of this office is written:  ALLIANCE AGAINST CO2 DISCRIMINATION.  The caption for this panel reads, “They crush the individual spirit by inundating us with their groupthink.”  The elderly fellow sitting behind the desk, that also has on it a plate of sandwiches, is asking his two visitors, “How many markets should we include in our TV ad buy?”  The younger of the two visitors, sitting on the opposite side of the desk, says, “All of them.”

The third panel shows us the following:  a man and a woman sitting in an obviously corporate office.  On the wall behind their desk, is a projected growth chart.  The caption for this panel reads, “Indeed, the collective is bent on nothing but its own expansion.”  The man, probably the CEO, says, “Those new regulations would kill our numbers next quarter.”  The woman, possibly a secretary responds, “Our lobbyists are on it.”  

Final panel:  Koch Industries is a polluting industry.  And outside of their high fenced-in property, are homeless people.  The final caption reads, “Yes, ‘The Collectivists promise heaven but deliver Hell’.”  The Koch bros are standing on the balcony of their corporate office.  One of them says, “Our profits are for the good of mankind.”

<span style="font-family:palatino linotype;"Well, the other left wing, right?  Corporations need the government to guarantee, that they can maximize profits.  But that is just one area where a "collectivist way of thinking" tends to push its gray conformity on everyone.  Even more so, projects onto others, the collectivist thinking that they already engage in.  I check out Google mail.  In fact, GMail has social media and news feeds locked into their general Gmail program.  It isn't Facebook, what GMail does is totally unique.  But what appears on those various news feeds, especially anything political, is not.  Recently, the Heritage Foundation posted something, that  I'll assume had to do with the Cliven Bundy case.  As it involved taxes and cattle.  Effectively, they were likely supporting a scofflaw.  What followed, could be drawn straight down the political divide.  If you were seen as not in complete agreement with the Heritage Foundation post, not in complete agreement with people who "drink the koolaid" so to speak, then they commence to attack.  Only, they say nothing any differently, elsewhere across the U.S., than I have heard more locally.  It is as though, the Heritage Foundation, gives them specific marching orders.

Since the Jen Sorenson “Slow Poke” has been introduced to “The Inlander,” I have looked forward every week to checking out the latest offering.  Ms. Sorenson is thought provoking, to say the least.  She has a cartoon that is truly worth looking at, and thinking a lot about.


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