Science: it explains physical nature, not spiritual

Image  I saw Chris Major’s extremely long letter, that should actually have been regarded as an op-ed.  His letter is far too long to transcribe, so I shall discuss it briefly, that he sought to debunk through religion, what a previous writer discussed by way of science.

What it actually comes down to again, you can religiously believe what ever you wish, but it is also poles apart from what you study in the physical world.  The study of the physical world is why we have science.  The study of the spiritual world is why we have religion.  Now, as long as Mr. Major wants to throw the weight of the bible into everything, God did not discuss gravity with the people who wrote Genesis.  Nor did he discuss anything beyond the sun, moon, and stars visible to anyone on this planet.  And that is, visible to the naked eye at a time, when the telescope wouldn’t be invented for many thousands of years.  It was only through science and technology that we would learn of other planets and their moons.   Further, to gain an understanding that Earth was actually part of a solar system.  The bible did not provide that information.  Which means one thing, men wrote the bible and fantasized, how the universe came into being.  Men wrote the bible and fantasized, how they and then existing animals came into being.  But not being present at the beginning of the universe, men could not have said for a fact, that this is how it was done.  Without the scientific knowledge that it would take, to discuss upon the evidence, how the universe came about, then the men who wrote the bible could only speculate about what must have happened.  Right after that, they formed a religion based upon that speculation.

God was supposed to have done everything in six days.  On the seventh, He rested.  That corresponds to six work days and a sabbath in accordance with Jewish religious law and tradition.  Well, the bible is religious text, right?  Religious laws and traditions must find a justification for why there will be a seven day week.  Why there must be six work days and then a day of rest.  But to try to replace science with a justification for religion, that is quite another matter.

I placed a photo of the moon going into an eclipse for a reason.  A moon in the eclipse is mentioned in Revelations.  A moon or sun in the eclipse, was supposed to cause extreme fear among the Japanese or Chinese, who then must raise a lot of noise in order to force the dragon to release the sun or moon.  Without scientific knowledge of why eclipses occur, there is a definite failure to see the wonder and beauty in such an event, and to make of it instead a thing of evil, fear, and loathing.

Then, there is the creation of man from what is basically mud.  How do you explain the formation of DNA, organs especially of sight, if you were initially created from soil, sand, and water?  I don’t think that you can.  Yet, with a mystical breath, God turns a statue into living tissue.  Many thousands of years later, and by the 19th century, then scientists, specifically biologists, present us with the facts of DNA.  The living building blocks of tissue that forms all organs, gender determination, race determination, etc. in our bodies.  And yes, actually, we are individual by way of color of eyes, skin, type of hair, height, weight, and so on.  If God created one race of men, the ancestors of the current Semites, why aren’t we all Semites?  We are not.  Well then, something random must have occurred, for us to be racially divided between Native American Indians, Egyptians, Semites, people of an African origin, Greek, Asian, Hispanic, again etcetera.  How do we explain such diversity, especially when the bible does not?  Then only biology, inclusive of evolution, could.

Mr.Major has to ignore a lot of inconvenient scripture to make his case.  So, I will ask this, how does a spiritual being create a physical something out of a material nothing?  Remember, the writers of the bible assumed much in their very vivid and wild fantasies. But they were not there to record the actual facts.  Scientists work from material evidence.  Mr. Major works from nothing else but his belief.


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