Generational warfare?

The AARP monthly bulletin arrived in the mail about two days ago.  Their main story was about “Generational Warfare” which the news media opined had to exist.  And where the news media created this opinion, then the people who don’t like to think for themselves, would accept what they heard without question.  So, AARP then did their own anecdotal questions with a multi-generational workforce  at various businesses, and concluded that an actual “generational warfare” did not exist.

Well, it does.  When the news media creates sensational stories, then it does.  When politics intrudes—takers versus makers—with the elderly the latest of “takers;” yes, it exists.  If the argument becomes, the elderly should just gracefully move aside and give up the jobs to the young; then yes, it exists.  It exists when Paul Ryan, wants to budget any consideration for the elderly, out of the equation.  Of course, Senator Ryan is one of those Republicans who quickly forget, that the elderly do pay the taxes that pays his annual income in the Senate.  That says a great deal about radical ideology, how much it shuts down thinking about the consequences of your actions. 

As for myself, I am nearing 60 and definitely do not care to be a burden on anyone.  I may be medically retired, but I work from home.  One of the types of work I do now is to write books: “Are You a Space Alien?” and have them published on line at  This is just the first book that I have written, I already have another one in the works:  “Aesgard Awakening.”  And yes, I can leave the workforce and hand off, what has become too stressful work, to younger and healthier people.  But that I have actually not quit working.  In my retirement years, I have a small business from which I do generate a certain amount of income.  It may be mostly seasonal, but it is still work that I can do; and pay taxes from it.  So in my way, I am still among the makers.

If anything is truly upsetting, the same people who want to “snarl at the elderly,” and then want to “snarl at the news media,” depend on the latter to engage in the former.  Right after that, you start hearing this real question about, this lack of respect and any sense of social or personal morality.  Well sure, because “morality” these days is particularly self-serving.  We only care about “unborn children” for example, if it will accomplish instituting a national religion.  We don’t care to take care of the children, who are born in this society.  Facebook, the various news feeds I subscribe to discussed the “abolitionists” at Coeur d’Alene High School.  Of one individual who was ranting away about the “immorality of abortion,” I asked her about what she thought of WIC, food stamps, and other essentials to support the child’s well being.  No answer.  You have to wonder why this “respect for life” ends at the birth canal.  Apparently, “respect for life” politically doesn’t extend as far as the elderly, either.


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