Not exactly a “do nothing” Congress

It was last Friday, the day after the next “Best Of…  Inlander” came out.  I was discussing my published novel, sort of with a neighbor who also lives on Marlborough Avenue.   And at some point, we also began discussing the role of government.  I offered this suggestion in brief, that if people within society accepted their obligations toward the welfare of their fellow man, then we wouldn’t require as much from government.  But as long as people are more interested in promoting a self-serving agenda, then government must step in to fulfill a greater role.

So, in the Robert Herold editorial column, he was complaining about the obstructionist and do nothing Republicans.  Well, they are certainly obstructionist, playing childish games with the Democratic President, Obama, because they are such sore losers.  But they haven’t exactly “done nothing.”  The Farm Bill that he spoke of, was high on welfare for agribusiness and low on assisting the truly needy. Or, they hyped political outrage over a non-scandal involving the IRS.  Or they spent some billions of taxpayers’ dollars constantly rehashing the “Benghazi saga.”  Or they spent millions of taxpayers’ dollars wanting to prematurely abort the Affordable Care Act.  Oh yes, and they also single-handedly drove down the poll numbers for the entire Congress.  What the Republicans did not do, was to define a role for government that they would be willing to accept.  What they instead did, was to argue that there could not be a role for government, as long as the Democrats were in charge.  What this blog post will now do is offer a challenge to the voters:  do you want a role for the Republicans in government? 

In Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, the anti-aborticide movement will be protesting at Coeur d’Alene High School.  What they will not say is, that some abortions are acts of God:  miscarriages, fetal death from natural causes, still births.  What they are also not likely to say, is what happens when a teenager gets pregnant?  The Republicans don’t want a WIC program for the teenager.  On social media, there are plenty of snarling radicals who say, that they don’t want to pay for the irresponsible behavior of other people.  Given these present social attitudes, narrowly focusing on certain kinds of elective terminations of pregnancies, would seem to be quite counterproductive.  They “want the child to be born,” but they don’t want to benefit the child at birth.  Seems to me, that the big government politically religious, just want to exploit a bad situation for their own purposes.

In the Coeur d’Alene Press, that Friday morning, 21 March 2014, there were a couple of letters regarding child porn.  Actually, the closest to “child porn” found in the bible, is that prohibition against a father seeing his daughter naked—Old Testament.  In the New Testament, Jesus judgmentally declares that anyone exploiting a child, should have a mill stone tied on his neck, and tossed into the sea.  And while child porn is clearly child exploitation, it isn’t the only form of it.  People like Mr. Hans Neumann have no problem exploiting a child.  He might oppose child porn, but at the same time, he can only scream and whine about the “abortion” that “harms the child.”  How about starvation, would that not harm a child?  How about the lack of good health care, would that not harm a child?  How about the lack of good wages, that prevents the parents from better taking care of their children; doesn’t that hurt the child?  Or the Republicans putting super-wealthy corporations on the dole at the expense of good education, and wouldn’t that hurt the child?  Mr. Neumann is one of those people who don’t think beyond the immediate goal, imposing a non-biblical religious canon on everyone else; regardless of what the actual costs would be.  Yes, I would have to say, that while child porn egregiously exploits, it is only one form of egregious exploitation.

Pastor Fred Phelps, of the Westboro Baptist Church, died a day or so ago.  On Facebook, “Mother Jones” showed a counter-protest group of people, confronting the first post–Phelps, Westboro Baptist Church protest of… what ever.  The sign the counter-protestors held up?  “Sorry for your loss.”  A sign that the people of Westboro Baptist, would never consider creating themselves.  Kindness and forgiveness, you can’t get any better than this.  Regrettably, that is kindness and forgiveness coming from the “left” side of political society.  Mr. Neumann wouldn’t consider making such words public.  He’d rather exploit and heap more shame on, unfortunate situations.  Why?  Because he considers himself the “right” side of political society.  I am sure that Jesus wouldn’t agree with many of his arguments.

This is why Mr. Herold deems government so necessary.  The government that can “be there” to pick up the slack for society, when the people within their respective communities, don’t want to be bothered.  He also can back his argument on the last clause of the first amendment:  the people can have their grievances redressed before government.  Well then, unemployment is such a grievance, as is unaffordable health care.  Poverty is also a grievance, as is packaging bad food products.  Not producing quality medications, that cause the patients who take them, to sicken and die is definitely a grievance.  Producing cars with fatality causing defects, is equally a grievance.  The lack of good education that can produce good paying jobs, would definitely be a grievance.  Environmental health hazards from polluting industries, are definitely a grievance.  My readers should definitely have a full understanding for why much is now expected from government.

If the business interests worked toward reducing unemployment levels, what role would there be for government and unemployment insurance?  If churches worked within their communities to reduce poverty, what need would there be for welfare and the food stamp program?  If industries from food, to medication, to the production of durable goods (of any kind), worked from the point of quality standards, would there be as much need for federal or state regulations?  If state level governments in particular, saw good education as being not only in their best interests and therefore, the highest priority; would we not see more kids graduating high school, college, a university; and not dropping out?  By graduating with honors and being able to hold down a good job besides.  If polluting industries were to voluntarily reduce toxic emissions, would there be as much need for the EPA?  In short, the moral requirement to care for people:  employees, customers, and neighbors.  If this society understood such a moral obligation and exercised it; then yes, the role of government would be greatly reduced.

The Republicans, my party, do not advocate such a moral requirement.  They legislatively and politically want to make excuses, for why this society doesn’t have such a moral underpinning today.  Or they figure that putting up in a public park, a graven image of the Ten Commandments, is all the reminder of “moral requirements” that anyone should ever need.  Is it?  You won’t find, “business owners should not cheat their customers or employees” anywhere in the Ten Commandments.  It is elsewhere in the Old Testament.  You won’t find the Godly argument of “burying your waste,” in the Ten Commandments either.  But this primitive form of pollution, fecal waste and etc., “that offends God,” is found in scriptures following the commandments themselves.  In short, there is a lot more to the bible than a set of out-of-context commandments.  These scriptures are also routinely ignored when financially and politically expedient.  Under the circumstances, government must assume a greater role.


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