George Nethercutt’s lack of relevance

Mr. Nethercutt is featured monthly in “The Inlander.”  Very rarely does he actually say something that I’d find a reason to agree with.  No, it is not because he is “politically conservative,” as a Republican, or I must be “politically liberal” as a person who is also a Republican.  Rather, I have a bit more understanding of history than he seems to.  And that is because, I read actual history with its warts and not just those parts of it that I am most politically inclined to read.  So to begin with, did Americans trust in this country’s essential goodness?  Let us look at a few concrete situations such as the American Civil War over slavery.  If America’s essential goodness was on full display from the founding of the colonies up to the 1860s, I highly doubt that slavery would have been a subject either for discussion or war.  An essentially good people would never have desired human property to begin with.  Or when the actual American Socialists got deeply involved in the labor wars.  If the owners of factories, mines, railroads, and etc. had displayed an essential goodness, there would have been minimal possibility for American Socialists or foreign anarchists to come in and stir up trouble.  The whole idea of an essential goodness as the foundation of this country, began with the Puritans and essentially ended with the utopianism of the founding fathers.  For everyone else, the United States would become an economic land of opportunity, but not everyone would be invited to participate in it.  Thus, between such historical works as “Manufacturing Hysteria,” and “The Day Wall Street Exploded,” that would tell you immediately just how wrong Nethercutt would happen to be.  “1861” is another essential book as well as “Every Knee shall Bow,” the Randy Weaver story, “Under the Banner of Heaven,” the American conflict between the Mormons and mainstream Christianity.  America’s essential goodness can only be possible if Americans are essentially good.  In the actual absence of that, you get the “Teapot Dome Scandal,” the Army McCarthy hearings, Watergate, and other nation changing scandals.  Thus, there have been plenty of times throughout this nation’s history, where Americans found much to question about the nature of the country, government, and fellow citizens.  The rationale for such questions might change, but the questions themselves have been enduring since the creation of the U.S. Constitution.

So, Mr. Nethercutt then wants to tell the GOP how they can win in the fall.  Unemployment is a top priority for the ordinary citizen.  It is not on the radar of the GOP.  Instead, the GOP want to satisfy such people as the Koch Brothers, or the NRA, or the politically religious, or the business interests.  Why should they pay any attention to people who want the jobs, who don’t want to be on food stamps, and are heavily attacked by the Fox News people for being poor at all.  If the GOP want to win in the fall, they should be the first people to tell Fox News to just report the news, and don’t go around pillorying the people the GOP have to count on as voters.  Or, shut up.  I’d quite frankly be surprised if that ever happened.  Or Mr. Nethercutt thinks that the GOP should advance the government policies that rewards ambition.  Fox News has also fully informed its viewership what sort of ambition actually does get rewarded, tax breaks and subsidies as well as refunds that the deep pocketed very ambitious among the business interests took full advantage of.  Oh yes, between Fox News and the GOP, government policies were advanced to help them out.  I read plenty of discontent about who and what the GOP have defined themselves as being, on no less than Facebook.  Of the GOP themselves, they aren’t capable of defending what amounts to GOP policies, so they attack instead.  Or choose to engage in childish name calling, because they have no legitimate arguments to present.  Because of the universality of Facebook, it can amplify greatly the political divide and create trouble for the party that wants to regain power in Congress, and the run up to the 2016 presidential election.  Mr. Nethercutt should be forced to read what I do, then he would have a clearer understanding about the kind of trouble the GOP truly face.

Now for the books that put the GOP so far on the fringe as to have them precariously at the edge of the cliff.  “It is Dangerous to be Right when the Government is Wrong.”  “Suicide of a Superpower:  Will America Survive to 2025?”  “The Brief Against Obama:  The Rise, Fall, and Epic Fail of the Hope and Change Presidency.”  “The Secret Knowledge:  On the dismantling of American Culture.”  “Intellectuals and Society.”  “Demonic:  How the Liberal Mob is Endangering America.”  “The Communist—Frank Marshall Davis:  The Untold Story of Barack Obama’s Mentor.”  “Here Come the Black Helicopters! UN Global Governance and the Loss of Personal Freedom.”  “Obama’s Four Horsemen:  The Disasters Unleashed by Obama’s Reelection.”  “Never Trust a Liberal Over 3—Especially a Republican.”  I found all of the above titles in the Edward R. Hamilton Bookseller Company “Bargain Books” catalog.  So no, none of these titles were “invented” except by the authors.  To me, it doesn’t matter if Mr. Nethercutt thinks that President Obama’s being three times more popular than Congress is measly.  Mr. Obama’s popularity in his second term, is still far better than that of his predecessor, George W. Bush.  Nor does it matter if Mr. Nethercutt wants the rest of the GOP to get back in touch with their constituents in some way.  The shrieking hatred of our President and a good percentage of one’s fellow citizens, plus a deep questioning of our country and what it ought or should be, lies behind the books written here.  And the books were written by radicalized GOP.  This is the actual GOP baggage coming into the 2014 Congressional elections.  If there was an essential goodness within the American culture, such books would never have been written.  Now the GOP need to own what they have done.


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