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Ed Torrence had quite the letter to the editor in the Coeur d’Alene Press.  Seems “evil” is politically based.  If you are a Democrat, you must automatically be “of reprobate mind.”  Only if you are a Republican are you not known for “denying God.”  I think that I can disagree with that.  I never found in any passages of the bible, that God judged evil based on political parties.  Rather, his judgment of evil was based on individual as well as collective sin.  The bible makes very clear what those sins are:  Briefly summarized: the overall intentions to do harm against man and God.  From what I have seen on the Facebook news feeds, Republicans (inclusive of their “TEA Party” fellow travelers) do not vote on putatively moral grounds.  They vote only on the behalf of special pleaders, and decry any other act of government as “central planning,” if it acts on the behalf of the ordinary citizen.  I think that Mr. Torrence puts his political ideology ahead of any other consideration and has also put his own reprobate mind on full public display.

Further, I’ll make a brief comment about Mr. Ray Fink’s letter also published on 7 March 2014.  If the schools don’t teach cursive any longer, is there some kind of problem with the parents guaranteeing that their kids master the skill?  With all the political arguments made against the public schools, seems Mr. Fink wants to throw a claim for dependency entirely on the same system of education that he also wishes so much to condemn. That public education, the public school, fills in all the gaps that being a parent leaves out.  I also understand exactly why cursive may no longer be mandatory in the classroom.  It is called the age of the computer and the internet.  It is the age of the check card and of e books.  I am very sure that Mr. Fink’s grandson does know how to read and write.  Or he would have a real problem being able to pass a driving test.  No, Mr. Fink’s only issue was of grandson’s apparent inability to actually “sign his name.”  Technology dude.  The more it advances civilization, the more civilization changes with it.  That is to be expected.

Now onto the latest book reviews:  I did not have the occasion for ever reading Republican Senator Jim DeMint;s “Falling in love with America again.”  But he was on “The Daily Show with Jon Stewart” earlier this week, trying to tout his book and hauling out plenty of pithy platitudes and political bromides that went back as far as the Reagan era “culture wars.”  And further, besmirching the federal government as somehow “socialist” or “communistic” with “central planning” arguments.  But of course, that’s his particular argument against the Democrats, and I am sure, President Barack Obama.  What he would never care to say, is that any vote of his on the behalf of his own group of special pleaders, would have very similar “central planning” consequences.  Isn’t that only what must come as the result of asking so much of government?  If you are a well-heeled or otherwise powerful interest group, it seems you do want that “central planning” from government if it suits your material interests.  The NRA knows that very well.  As do various politicized religious activists and commercial interests.  They just aren’t honest enough to admit to it.  Thus, Senator DeMint spent his many minutes on “The Daily Show,” refusing to look in the mirror for much of the problems in government today.

I have an archeology book that I am still in the midst of reading, “The Lost Empire of Atlantis,” by Gavin Menzies a British archeologist.  He begins his story with a high level of skepticism about an actual “island called Atlantis.”  By the end of his journey of discovery, he leaves his readers with a discovered empire of Atlantis.  An empire founded by a people we now call the Minoans.

Archeology isn’t dependent on wishful thinking and old wives’ tales.  We learn the proofs of old stories by way of the discovery of human remains:  skeletal, pottery, weapons, jewelry, and other known artifacts.  Where Mr. Menzies could finally draw certain conclusions about an actual empire of Atlantis, was from ship building, actual bronze age trade routes; with the Minoans a central civilization in all of that.  Also, the American continent was part of their empire.   So far, it is proving to be a delightful book.  I am glad I purchased this.

Finally, a short summary of my first ever book now on Amazon.com, as a Kindle e-book.  “Are You a Space Alien?  And other adventures” blends ancient biblical stories with modern scientific research into human DNA.  Right along with Eric Von Danakan’s questions about “were humanities’ Gods” from outer space?  If Ezekiel does his poor best to describe a factual space ship to his fellow countrymen, with God as the pilot, then Mr. Von Danakan might just have a point about that.  My take then, is that “God” is of the Ka’aern drauro.  A deep space humanoid people who are war-like in their aggression.  Further, they are a highly bigoted people.  If you don’t look like them, act like them, you are unsuited to go on living.  Their latest foes of choice are the Vracny.  In three parts of this book, the beginning ledes are of an invasive war and the Vracny struggle for survival before they fully destroy the Ka’aern drauro.  How the Ka’aern drauro created bio-engineering weaponry, by coming to Earth and making man from primitive ape like creatures.  Finally, what was done to their [especially] Vracny captives.  The rest of the story is of:  crime novel, people with remarkable alien DNA living supposedly normal human lives; that is until the “parent race” shows up with the intent to claim them.  Also, American politics and extremes in religion are parodied.  Of the last in particular, I think that it is essential to do this; to parody American politics and extremes in religion.  Just take a good close look at the “letters to the editors.”  Then take a look at the written records of history.  Roger Williams never once denied God.  But he did deny that governments should “impose their will,” or define how people of individual conscious ought to believe. 


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