The usual finger wagging

George Nethercutt made his usual appearance in the Valentine’s Day special of “The Inlander.”  He most definitely showed his love by targeting President Obama with his latest chiding.  Personally, I think that Jon Stewart of “The Daily Show” does a better job.  This is what I have to say about people like Nethercutt; it is always the responsibility, it seems, of the person you point the finger at, to do the job you won’t do yourself. 

Question, why does Congress have such a low approval rating?  Answer, because the Republicans typically won’t entertain any ideas other than their own.  Not only won’t they entertain any difference in opinion, but just like Nethercutt, they want the Democrats in general and Obama in particular to solely entertain those GOP ideas.  Next problem is, when the Democrats in general and Obama in particular do entertain GOP ideas, the Republicans do nothing more than raise a ruckus.  The Heritage Foundation sponsored Affordable Care Act is just one example.  From the gist of Nethercutt’s “Inlander” editorial, he was basically arguing that President Obama isn’t “liberal” enough.  IE, he isn’t bowing enough to GOP strident and childish demands.

In other news, I can’t think of a better timing for this particular issue than what appeared on the 19th of February 2014 “The Daily Show.”  Parallel to the Sochi, Russia Winter Olympics, Jason Jones of “The Daily Show,” was doing a basically “man on the street” type of interviews over different issues.  This evening, it had to do with the resurrection of religion in Russia.  I’d go even further and suggest, a resurrection of state religion, period, in Russia.  Compare that to the GOP who keep thrusting religion in the spotlight as part of their campaigns.  “Religion is under some kind of siege,” so they want to argue.  And in the Idaho state legislature, people who run a business, should have their religious values specifically supported by an expanded government.  I have yet to see where religion has been materially threatened under ordinary applications of constitutional law.  However, I have seen where people of some Christian religion has gone around attacking minority beliefs.  Further, they even seem to fear competition from minority beliefs.  Muslims in America, Sharia law is next!  Just as at one time, Judaism was conflated with “Communism.” Seems there may be some sense of religious bigotry behind this “fear of silencing religion” argument.  The “Christians” don’t fear silencing the religions of others even as they want their own to reign supreme.

Jason Jones had a hilarious answer to the people who whine too much about the country that has given them so much, “Go to Russia.”  To mean, they’ll have all the “right wing” symbolism in place as much as they want.


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