Interesting commentary

Far be it from me to wish to add to a mother’s distress; but in yesterday’s (9 February 2014) Coeur d’Alene Press, Tami Cramer wrote quite the letter about the Alter Church of Athol and of her son who kept relapsing into Heroin addiction until he died.  This letter is particularly disturbing, which is why I will discuss it here.  Seems to me that the Pastor Tim Remington mentioned in the letter, was supposed to be helping her son, Brock, get through his very tough struggle against addiction.  And yet, her son kept relapsing until he died of an overdose.  That is why this is so disturbing a letter.  Is prayer, baptism, being saved in Jesus enough?  Precisely, is it enough for a young man, who got caught up in a vice that he could not escape?  Perhaps my expectations are too high; but I would think that anyone who was saved, would move away from addiction and toward a better life.  Not abruptly cut their own lives short from an overdose.  Quite frankly, I don’t think it was enough.  But I can certainly hope that the young man knows peace at long last.  I will also say this, that I don’t think Pastor Remington ever helped the young man.  I will also state, that “people who give their lives to Jesus,” “born again,” or however they wish to put it; go to church already.  Nothing much will have changed in that regard.  Make that instead, they wished to change churches.  And quite frankly, I wouldn’t know why the hoopla in all of that.  Sure, I am being snarky.  But that was a tragic waste of a young man’s life.  Only in Idaho.

Press:  Bully is as bully does

When you, the editorial staff, name call (bully) and ridicule about half  your readership (i.e. paranoia tied to “common core”), it’s no wonder so many newspapers are going out of business, cutting staff…

You are responsible to report the truth, even if it does not agree with your agenda.



Post Falls

As far as I know, it is the duty of the newspaper to report the facts.  It is the privilege of the readers of said newspaper to accept or not accept the facts as they are presented.  What letters I have seen published in the Press relating to the “Common Core” teaching standards, typically have been paranoid.  And the writers have engaged in plenty of name calling, toward anyone who advocates this upgraded educational system.

My view of “truth” is simple:  it must be based on facts with sufficient evidence to support it.  Any other “view” of truth, is a question of subjective opinion.  And from the above letter, the latter was expressed very well.  The Coeur d’Alene Press must print a “truth” that entirely agrees with the above writer’s agenda, or it will never be accepted.  I have no doubt that Eggen will never admit to a need to look in the mirror for that.


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