The nasty letters continue

CORE:  It’s Beck or bust, people

I read your editorial Wednesday morning; I read it twice.  I came to the conclusion that you’re a proponent of the Common Core Curriculum that is being taught or will be taught in schools across our nation.  Is that true?  I have no grandkids, but what I’ve heard about this curriculum scares the hell out of me.  I heard one of the people behind this is Bill Gates; that should scare anyone with half a brain, this guy is a socialist.


I sent a letter to Mr. Luna a while back and asked him about Common Core.  He sent a letter back after some time saying that Common Core is really great, blah, blah.  I’ll listen to Glenn Beck any day if my only choice is to listen to the progressive socialists such as the people I’ve mentioned above.

Leonard Veit

Coeur d’Alene

Well, I’ll share one thing in common with Mr. Veit, I don’t have any kids or grandkids.  Under the circumstances, I don’t have a dog in this hunt any more than Mr. Veit does. However, If Mr. Veit is going to listen to Glenn Beck on “Blaze Channel,” then that would explain a major portion of Mr. Veit’s published letter.  He chooses ignorance, hype, paranoia, and pure hysteria over what should probably be the updated and improved educational standards.  I’ll guess that the word “common” in Common Core has to be the most frightening word of all.  The idea that all students should have an equal opportunity to receive a better education.  If the Common Core curriculum will enable students to achieve a higher standard of excellence in education so that ultimately, they can enter the work force and get good paying jobs, then why would that be a problem?  Or is it “socialism” to improve the next generation’s ability to hold down a good paying job?  

With that latter question in mind, Bill Gates as we all know, is the founder of that capitalist enterprise called Microsoft.  Some years ago, Mr. Gates was all for the approval of certain types of work visas so that he could import—in order to work at Microsoft—a skilled foreign workforce.  He made that a very public statement with reference to the immigration reform then being proposed by George W. Bush.  I wouldn’t know how much flak Mr. Gates might have gotten out of his desire to employ a skilled and educated foreign workforce; especially during the time of high unemployment in this country.  But I do know, that our school age kids were being told, their education was substandard as a reason for not keeping those good paying jobs on American shores.  I also know that there was plenty of news media flak about our substandard schools and educational standards.  So, it would seem to me, that Mr. Gates would be willing to hire a bright young American workforce; as long as they had the educational skills necessary, to meet today’s fast paced technical and communications evolutionary changes.  Then yes, I’d think that Common Core would be a good thing from a capitalist perspective.  Well then, does Mr. Veit want our young people to be educated and employed, or not?  I am very sure, that he’d have a lot to say, if they were receiving welfare checks and food stamps instead.  Quite frankly, you can’t have it both ways.

As for Tom Luna, the fellow who drafted the extremely controversial “Luna laws” to “reform education” with an eye toward paying out taxpayer’s dollars toward private business contractors; the people behind internet education; you could probably say that he was “socialist” in that regard all right.  LOL!  As the GOP love to define “socialist” today; then Mr. Luna as head of Idaho’s public education, would definitely fit the bill.  But he can only be a “progressive socialist,” if he actually advocates an educational standard, that would concretely advance our young people’s education.  So which is it, Mr. Veit; do we want our young people to become the technological leaders of tomorrow?  Or because of people like yourself, we become instead a third world back water nation?

BRIDGEGATE:  Impartial probe? Please!

I’m amazed to see the furor about Bridgegate.  Two panels of Democratic investigations are in the process of unearthing the complicity of Gov. Chris Christie of this crime.  Meanwhile, no one has been brought to justice in Benghazi.  The IRS has failed to indict a single official for wrong doing.  Obamacare rules are illegally changed at will by our president, with scarcely a whimper from the drive-by media.


Where is the indignation?  The protest and probing of this administration?  As far as we know, no one was killed in Bridgegate.  The attack dogs are out and another enemies list is being written.



Post Falls

First of all, this is what I know of “Bridgegate;”  seems some of Governor Christie’s staffers decided to engage in “payback” time because some of the Democratic Mayors didn’t endorse Christie’s reelection bid.  No, it can’t be argued that “anyone was actually killed” during “Bridgegate,” but it can be argued that emergency responders on the George Washington Bridge, were just as hassled trying to get to their destinations, as school bus drivers were in trying to get kids to school.  Or the work force in trying to get to their place of employment.  That’s one heck of a payback that definitely blew up in the face of the Governor.  Mr. Ornellas, President Obama didn’t initiate this probe, because Christie isn’t his political rival.  How about utilizing some education?

Next, question; why should the IRS “indict” any official for auditing 501c(4) tax exemptions?  Those tax exemptions are meant to be used by charitable foundations and are not meant for political use.  If political groups that Mr. Ornellas might advocate for were audited as well, the IRS was justifiably doing its job. Also, given how much the Republicans locally have complained about the Affordable care act as is, then they would stop at nothing to complain about President Obama’s proposed changes. Proposed changes, not “illegally” changing anything.

I will agree that Benghazi was one hell of a shame.  But, it isn’t only the “shame” of a single administration or the State Department once run by Hillary Clinton, that we didn’t come up to speed in better protecting our embassy staff in dangerous countries.  Washington, D.C. has been ripped apart by partisan turf wars.  Nothing of note gets done. that benefits we Americans to any great degree, because it is Democrats versus Republicans.  Or Republicans behaving as spiteful children to the President of the United States.  You don’t get to do your job very well under circumstances like this.  Congress should move to accept a good portion of the blame for the events in Benghazi.

Finally,  Gary Witherspoon “WOLVES:  Controversy ruled by emotions,” has no problem expressing his emotions about wolves.  Readers Write, Coeur d’Alene Press, 17 January 2014.  I don’t guess that Mr. Witherspoon would recognize that most wild animals carry some kind of infectious disease.  Or that if wild life such as deer, elk, and moose don’t have a natural predator; they will overgraze their feeding grounds, with the potential for wiping themselves out.  It doesn’t take being a “limousine liberal” to draw that conclusion.  In his case as well, a good dose of real world education would definitely be in order.


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