New Year’s Resolution (American voters)

If there was anything that could thoroughly crack me up about George Nethercutt’s (to The Inlander) editorial “Seeing More Clearly,” it was a whole lot of cheap shots, projections, and misleading statements.  So starting with: “Christmas” isn’t the time to chomp on the bit at the idea of targeting Obama as President of the United States.  Wait until after the New Year begins, at least. See “Christmas” instead as helping the least of these among us, enjoying time with family:  food, fun, and gifts, then ringing in the New Year; as what the holiday season ought to be about instead.

After that, consider a few resolutions:

1.  The Republican party has yet to recognize women’s and minority rights.  They have instead pushed in the past year, anti-aborticide legislation.  And also, the GOP have also been very politically clumsy in how they have viewed, or otherwise treated minority concerns. Therefore, resolution one should be, look for honesty in politics.  And in former politicians.  The failure of politicians to demonstrate honesty on the hustings, the more the voters should look for candidates of any office who will at least be accountable for their words and actions.

2.  After George Nethercutt preached about how our young people should read more history; I think that he ought to research more recent history.  The marketplace and capitalism isn’t infallible.  We found that out when the housing bubble burst, financial systems collapsed around the world, the stock market took a nose dive.  All this between 2007 and 2008.  We also know that Wall Street and etc. took a head long rush to Washington, D.C., to be first in line to get the taxpayer moolah.  Now, if true wisdom reigned supreme in the halls of the marketplace, when would the housing bubble have ever existed in the first place, to “burst” at all?  Even further, when would the taxpayers have ever needed to bail out the various banks and financial institutions?  Resolution two, don’t pay too close attention to politicians, who want to keep shying away from catastrophic events that happened in the last decade.  Instead, question their motives for doing so.

3.  While Mr. Nethercutt didn’t want to get all specific about what “hope and change” means for the American citizenry, you can pretty well read the thinly veiled code words that he “hopes” the Republicans will “change” the makeup of Congress.  President Obama being the means to that end.  Well then, Resolution three, how about remembering voters:  GOP intransigence about the debt ceiling that literally shut down the government for 16 days, and after that, the GOP are running around seeking out photo ops over how the government they shut down was effecting people.  Or the constant Benghazi flap?  The New York Times investigation unveils that what Ambassador Susan Rice said, was correct in her initial statements.  And how Darrel Issa is now working the talk show circuit, trying to claim that the investigative report must have been in error.  Yeah, voters and taxpayers, how about remembering how much GOP obstructionism cost you.

4.  Resolution four, go out and have a safe and wonderful New Year’s.


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