A new opportunity to attack

Paul Ciruso’s letter is far too long to transcribe.  Which is just as well, since it goes from a post Yuletide “war on Christmas” to attacks on everything else.  As long as Saul Alinsky can be the scapegoat for every social sin.  So, we’ll begin with his reference to the movie “Gladiator.”  Where two such gladiators are discussing between them, “You have a great name.  They must first kill your name before they can kill you.”  Well now, I have seen plenty of letters to the editors where the authors go to great lengths to kill someone’s name.  In the blog I run, I would transcribe or discuss the more thuggish of such letters, that definitely proves what people will say and do to harm others with words.  Oh, and they are unlikely to be “Saul Alinsky” devotees.

Next, he then whines about how “Saul Alinsky” must be behind our having to say “Happy Holidays.”  Between Jay Feldman (Manufacturing Hysteria) and Beverly Gage (The Day Wall Street Exploded), they pretty much prove that “Saul Alinsky” and any of his ilk had little influence in American politics.  Actually, they were specifically targeted, especially by Woodrow Wilson, A.G. Palmer, J. Edgar Hoover, and Democratic as well as Republican administrations after the Wilson era.  They were subjected to lynchings, riots, destruction of personal property, guilt by association arrests, massive deportations on board the Soviet Ark, and McCarthy era “witch hunts.”  As Mr. Feldman further informs us, the FBI under the leadership of J.Edgar Hoover, used the “reds” as an excuse to investigate everything and everybody.  So, to be a “Saul Alinsky” devotee would put you in a whole lot of peril here in the U.S.

Former Senator Kerry was in Vietnam and without question, he saw a great deal of horrors there.  To which he testified the truth of the matter.  It isn’t “socialist, etc.” to recognize that human brutality is only too possible in the terrible conditions of war.  That what might have made you a humanitarian and decent citizen before such a war, could too easily break down and show the worst devils of human nature.  Name calling doesn’t change the nature and consequences of the conflict.

How many letter writers wanted to attack the American citizenry for putting President Obama into office, twice?  A lot.  How many people were prepared to go online and target people for voting for the wrong man?  A lot.  If letter writers, people visiting chat rooms, commenting to blogs, or letters/opinions threads proceed to go ballistic at the peoples’ choice for President; that is a greater danger than speaking truth to power over what exactly Vietnam truly cost this nation. 

Mr. Ciruso can do what ever he wants when the multiples of holidays come around this time of year.  He is also missing a bigger point:  if “Happy Holidays” represents a “Saul Alinsky” enmity, then Jesus in Luke has an answer for Mr. Ciruso, “You will have heard it said, love your neighbor and hate your enemy.  But, I say unto you, love even your enemy, pray for those who persecute you…”  It might do to remember that the holidays are for remembering what Jesus was supposed to have taught and behaving accordingly.

Remember the Affordable Health Care Act?  “Punch holes in its weaknesses.” Mr. Ciruso tells us as he opines on how “socialists” will bring about the demise of this nation.  It isn’t “socialists” (as far as I know) who are attacking this nation’s weaknesses through our educational system, attacks on opposition parties, attacks on the work force…  It is people such as Mr. Ciruso who are engaging in these attacks.  The Affordable Health Care Act is barely being implemented and it is already regarded as a “disaster” and “unsustainable.”  As long as it is a law, then it becomes one of the nation’s weaknesses that a hole can be punched through.  And becomes a “problem” that only a “new election” by 2014 would actually solve.  Does that make Mr. Ciruso a “Saul Alinsky” devotee?  He could certainly begin to sound like one.

Then he goes on to whine about how “socialist” it must be to remove religion from the public schools in the form of prayer and the singing of Yuletide songs.  Ordained Minister Obery Hendricks, jr. informs us in his book “The Politics of Jesus,” about the faith in God being above and beyond the secular and all that would be recognized as secular, especially with respect to government.  A public school is a secular part of government.  Then I would suggest, based on both Old and New Testaments, that a public school is already not a place of worship.  Before linking “Saul Alinsky” to why kids might sing “winter music,” how about reading more of the bible.

I’d also suggest that Mr. Ciruso find and read Thomas Paine’s “Rights of Man.”  Mr. Paine put his “Rights of Man” into publication long before “Saul Alinsky” ever drew his first breath.  In “Rights of Man,” Mr. Paine advocated the welfare state.  After that, I’d further suggest that Mr. Ciruso read the “Sermon on the Mount.”  In that sermon, Jesus spoke on the behalf of the least of these among us.  Which would only mean that government that assists the elderly, the poor, the disabled; is only carrying out Thomas Paine’s advocacy and the moral requirements found in the bible.

Of the rest of his commentary, I don’t necessarily disagree.  But I will say that Mr. Ciruso helps create much of the problems he so much wants to inveigh against.


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