Christian hatred

“Byron” commented to an earlier blog post about how “I” must hate Christians.  Here is the latest Coeur d’Alene Press letter that “he” can digest if he chooses.

Rights:  Fine line of Racism

A smile crossed my face while digesting the article quoting history professor Ken Faunce from the University of Idaho addressing almost 30 attendees at a recent gathering of the Human Rights folks at NIC  He couldn’t help himself bringing up racism when mentioning our President Obama, as if one must be a racist if one believes that our president is an incompetent individual with social engineering and redistribution of wealth as his main goals.


Faunce mentions that there are some 250,000 slaves in our country, and that 15,000 to 17,000 new slaves are brought into the U.S. ever year according to the United Nations as well as the U.S. Department of Justice, WOW!  Could this possibly be due to our president’s open door policy and his instructions to not pursue illegal border jumpers?  Oh, I’m sorry; I could possibly go to jail or be audited for such remarks.


Ken falls back on stats from the United Nations, an organization that is fairly worthless unless you are a member from a third world country that is here to have a good time, chase women and escape parking tickets.  As to the U.N., it is high time for another country to take this organization under its wing thereby giving our nation a much needed break.  Sudan  might be a good choice.  As we all know, America picks up way too much of the tab.  If I had my way I would let the United Nations have 90 days to select a country that would take over this loser and announce that the building would be renovated and turned into condos, with the general assembly turned into a first class gym for the condo owners.


As to Mr. Faunce.  Pull up the U. of I. on your computer and you will find Faunce listed as a temp faculty lecturer which to me means just another campus dweller with little real world experience beyond going from class to class, thereby becoming all knowledgeable.


As to the human rights group.  Above all they must stay relevant, as donations are their life’s blood, although at one time they did good work.  I seem to recall one of their former members who is believed to have started a small fire on her front porch, put it out herself, and then screamed racism.  Often wondered if she ever took a polygraph?


In conclusion, one could speculate that one third of those in attendance were his students looking for an elevated grade, one third members of the human rights group and the rest, probably people looking to get in out of a darn cold spell.  But I could be wrong.



Well, Happy Holidays to you as well.  Besides the utter ignorance that can be found in much of his letter, there are also some pretty obvious projections from the G.W. Bush era, “Oh, I’m sorry; I could possibly go to jail or be audited for such remarks.”  With reference to the U.S.A. Patriot Act, you could conceivably go to jail for holding an opinion that President Bush didn’t like.  Or for that matter, lose your job as Dan Rather had, for daring to question G.W.’s history, especially with the Air National Guard.  With reference to the IRS auditing you for expressing the “wrong” opinions,” the IRS should only audit where you have made glaring mistakes on your tax returns, not because of your politics.  Quite frankly, I don’t think Mr. Murphy is all that “scared” of one consequence or the other, since his particularly nasty letter was published.

What isn’t expressed in ignorance becomes a nasty form of hatred, where one’s partisan politics becomes an excuse for such attacks.  Professor Faunce is “only” a temp lecturer and therefore doesn’t have the necessary real world experience.  On the other hand, to be blinded by hatred and using one’s tired old ideology as an excuse for same, doesn’t exactly put the author of this letter in a good position to judge a fellow he doesn’t know the first thing about.  On another point, I am aware that there was some news items concerning a member of the Human Rights Task Force who did complain to the news media, KREM 2 News about racial assaults on herself and her property.  Unless the Coeur d’Alene City Police were of the opinion that she ought to be pulled in for questioning for “actions to bring attention to herself,” then this is not a matter for some “who believe” this or some “who believe” that.  Facts have to matter over what “some believe.”  Then his letter becomes a character attack.  Just as he attacks the characters of whom ever actually attended this lecture.

Now, sex slaves are not illegal border jumpers.  And that is whom the U.N. and Professor Faunce would have been referring to.  G.W. Bush had an open door policy on actual illegal border jumpers.  After all, they were only going to take the jobs that Americans would never consider doing.

Finally, what white Democratic President has ever been referred to as “incompetent?”  I wouldn’t know of any too many who actually were.  And from what I know of President Obama’s track record, if he had truly shown some incompetence, he wouldn’t have been returned to office in 2012.  Looks like a racist and over all bigot from here.


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  1. Allie Says:

    I like your style so much. And have a Merry Christmas!

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