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I am going to start off today about the sudden death of Cliff Hayes.  Our county clerk was only 62 (pretty scary considering that I am almost 60 myself), when he abruptly died Thursday morning in his home in Post Falls.  He had only been in the County Clerk’s office for about 2 years.  I did not vote for him and also did not know him personally.  But I do know this, when “Recall CDA” aimed against our now out-going members of the city council failed, it was because Mr. Hayes was quite the stickler for the rules.  He wasn’t loved for that, by the Recall organizers, but there you are.  For those who knew him best, I offer my deepest sympathies.  For members of his family, I also offer my deepest sympathies.  May Mr. Hayes rest in peace after serving his community in Post Falls for more than two decades, and the County for around two years.

Now, to the letters:  At least the Coeur d’Alene Press does permit some people to write in their own defense.  And for others to also write on the behalf of a letter writer.  After Langford’s and Membury’s letters were transcribed and posted to this blog, the Press allowed into print Jimmy Pappas’ letter and also that of Dan Gressler.  Not everyone gets that kind of opportunity.

Next, Mike Reno wrote a letter about “WAGES:  Red states embrace poverty.”  I would consider that it was a really decent letter and further, Mr. Reno only says what I have; socialism is more beneficial to conglomerates like WalMart and J.C. Penney, than they are to the people often called “moochers” and “takers.”  I’ll agree with Mr. Reno that “we” can’t really support the people that Companies like WalMart put on the “payroll.”  Also, Mr. Reno makes it adamant what people like Membury like to forget, long before “we” ever run out of the 1% of “haves,” who love their profits and want to socialize their costs; we run out of taxpayers who are able to keep those employee expense accounts subsidized.  Kudos, to Mr. Reno for what he had to say.

Bill Blatner’s “MEMBURY:  Cheers for wise words,” in which Mr. Blattner regards infantile name calling and defamation of character as “wisdom” itself.  “There are so many well written and well thought out articles in The Press that there is no reason to read such ‘bovine excrement’.”  I guess that depends on how you politically define “bovine excrement.”  Quite frankly, Mr. Membury’s wasn’t a well thought out letter.  It was full of cheap shots.  And further, it shouldn’t have been published.  The Press puts itself into quite the legal liability mess, any time the editor publishes crap like Membury’s.  Yeah, Blattner praises Membury’s “bovine excrement” as wise, and attacks the person whom Membury also attacked.

Finally, “EDUCATION:  Get rid of group think.”  I’ll agree with Dan Norcini in one respect, reading proficiency isn’t at a “respectable” level if only 2/3rds of our students are able to achieve it.  However, referencing Pat Buchanan doesn’t legitimize the rest of his argument.  Back when I was going to Public School, I never heard of any such thing as “group think.”  I wouldn’t know to whom that would apply, or why. But I am aware that the more extremist types among the GOP rank are opposed to public unions, like teachers’ unions.  So, is “group think” a new code word for getting rid of teachers’ unions?  Or is it a new code word for getting rid of public schools? 

For Mr. Norcini’s information, what he described as “group think:”  As long as the “group think” is never challenged from those within the group, all views that contest their delusion are violently attacked; sounds more like he is describing political parties and extreme partisanship, than what ever passes for education here in Idaho.  In fact, it sounds more like he is drawing attention to Membury’s and Langford’s letters.  Norcini’s letter sounds more like deflect-a-blame and seeking scapegoats, than offering any viable solutions to our educational failures.


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