Compassion for none

In the Coeur d’Alene Press Opinion page this 4 December 2013 morning, the editor wrote an opinion on “A lesson in compassion.”  Briefly, it involved a Mormon Bishop who disguised himself as a homeless man and he wanted to see what the reactions of his congregation was like.  Just like anyone’s would be when faced with a homeless dude trying to enter a church.  In short, showing nothing but contempt toward a person of far lesser circumstances than themselves.  That would have been fine, but for the fact that there were three letters published after that editorial, and were definitely counter-productive to its intent:

Writer:  Shades of Communism

If you find yourself champing at the bit for more Jimmy Papas opinions and you just can’t settle for waiting on the Press to publish another letter, do yourself a favor and go to the local used book store.  Yes, ladies and gentlemen, you can have the complete collection of “Jimmy Papas Opinions” in print for your reading pleasure and at your leisure, both day and night.


Yes, it is as easy as going to your local used book store or ordering on line.  Pick up the “Communist Manifesto” by the man who is hailed as “The Grandfather of Communism,” Karl Marx, “Rules for Radicals” by Communist and idol of President Barack Obama, Saul Alinsky, “The Coming Insurrection” by the Invisible Committee (a group of Communists), and any number of some new age bibles that condone the murder of unborn children by means of abortion, sodomite marriage, and worship of government officials instead of God.


There you have it folks.  For less than $50 you too can be inside the head of Jimmy Pappas.  Enjoy.  Oh, and for additional Jimmy Pappas opinions sign up for daily emails and texts from both the Democratic Party, CNN and the Communist Party U.S.A.


Stop worrying about what your opinion is.  The Party will tell you what it is each and every day.


Jeff Langford

 Coeur d’Alene


writer:  Attack Mode Doesn’t Fly

Why is it if you disagree with a Democrat they go into attack mode?  Right wing hypocrisy — ruthless contempt for the poor — tea party extremists — pathetic hypocrites — and the list goes on…


It is difficult to try to discuss anything with the likes of Jimmy …  because they are full of hatred for anyone who does not share their belief, political or otherwise.  For example, when he refers to Romney the draft dodger, and a MORMON to boot, what does that tell you he thinks of the Mormon religion?  What does being a Mormon have to do with anything?


I don’t think that wanting to balance the budget and live within our means makes the tea party some kind of extremist.  I don’t know how you run your household, but if we don’t have the money … we don’t buy it.


Food stamp use is up to 75 percent in five years … unemployment still upward of 7 percent … IRS scandal … government spying …  Obama has done more to divide this country than unite it when he could have done the opposite.  And how can you deny the problems of Obamacare?


It would be useless to go on.  In order to reason with someone, you actually have to have an open mind.  For the record, I don’t hate Democrats, even though they are a little misguided.  I don’t hate Mormons, even though it’s not my religion.  I don’t even hate Obama, I just think he is inept, and has surrounded himself with inept people.  I don’t even hate Jimmy.  I just can’t help thinking of him as the scarecrow in the “Wizard of Oz.  I just hope he finds the wizard soon.

I thought we had a party system where you could express views without being attacked.  If we all had the same view, blindly following our leader, what kind of nation would we be?


Bob Crossman


And finally:

Christmas:  Don’t forget the savior


Dear Jesus,


Since I was 2 and first knew about you, my heart felt happy inside.  Then the bigger I grew and the more that I knew, I wonder are you really true?  I sure don’t like the way things are, but I am just a child don’t you see?  No one seems to listen to me.


Maybe if they could just hear what I have to say, people everywhere would be OK.


I love books, my favorites are about the prince who saves the princess and kingdom from evil things.  I can always find these books in my school library.  You’re a Prince that saved the whole world.  Why can’t I find any books about you?


Big people say that’s because you’re Religion.  What is religion?  I have gone to church and learned “God the Father” created all things on heaven and on Earth, and that you are his son sent to teach us right from wrong.  That you died for our sins and rose again as we will one day, if we give our lives to you.


In school we have Christmas vacation to give presents for your birthday.  Daddy and mommy get so angry because they have to spend so much money; I thought Santa Claus brought our presents from his shop at the North Pole.  That’s really what makes me wonder!


By the way who is Santa Claus?  We sure hear lots about him on YOUR birthday!  On my birthday, people only care about me!  That’s why I feel so sad about you, don’t you see?  Because at school we can talk about Santa Claus, but we can’t talk about you.  So why do we have Christmas vacation?  Isn’t that when we are supposed to celebrate your birthday?


Your birthday party is so much bigger than mine, with Christmas trees, ornaments and the smell of of pine. Bright lights are everywhere, but about you no one even seems to care.

I am so sorry Jesus about the things we have done to you. Forgive us, I pray, and teach us how to truly celebrate your birthday.

We love you Jesus.

Laura Diteman

I could advice Ms. Diteman (an adult woman, incidentally), that this is a “Mass for Christ” (a celebration of his life and teachings) and originally had nothing to do with his birthday (he was likely born in the spring). Further, this celebratory mass was held on 25 December, not far from the winter solstice and the various pagan celebrations in honor of the day. I could advice Ms. Diteman to look it up on wikipedia, but the bigger point is, all she has to do is read the letters of Langford and Crossman. Ultimately, this isn’t a battle over symbols and the ever changing perception of what 25 December means to anyone. It is instead about the lack of morality that lies behind the kinds of letters that are published.

Deuteronomy 3:6: “And as we did to the King of Hebron, so we killed them all, men, women, and children.” Micah 6:14 (Tanakh): “You have been eating without getting your fill, there is a gnawing in your vitals. You have been conceiving without bearing young. And the ones you bore, I shall deliver to the sword.” I would guess that the Old Testament is now one of those “commie” new age bibles because it advocates this kind of “baby killing.” If Mr. Crossman were to take a critical view of Mr. Langford’s letter, he’d already have his answer for: “in a party system” why we can’t just express our differences of opinion. He probably won’t. Mr. Pappas can’t just express an opinion, without people like Langford and Crossman going on the attack.

If Christ were to return, what would be the reaction to himself? That Mormon Bishop probably already has an answer for what the real reaction would be. Seems to me that Christ’s teachings are fully ignored as Langford totally besmirches and defames a stranger’s character, how would Langford behave in the presence of Christ? Probably, no differently. Crossman may not “hate” anyone; so he claims. But his contempt for others is expressed continually throughout his letter, to the extent of, what is the difference between the two? Effectively, none what so ever. For Langford, don’t religious activists frequently turn to government to address all their agendas? They apparently don’t choose to look first to themselves, or God, for specific answers. That may not be a “worship” of government officials, but it certainly isn’t putting God first. Seems to me, that both men should look in the mirror for the “commies” that they choose to project unto others.


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