Right before Thanksgiving

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Hearty congratulations and a standing ovation lasting at least 20 minutes to Doug Miller for his excellent Nov. 20, 2013, “My Turn” column. He has stated what I’ve been trying to say (in smaller increments) for the past several years, and has added more.

I can only add this: Too many otherwise noble and honorable people are being sucked into the gimme-gimme culture. The young in particular, always naively idealistic, have been conned into the fallacious: “Follow me and we’ll make everyone equal and create heaven on Earth” promise, but fail to realize that heaven is not for this Earth and robbing haves to treat the have-nots ends only in running out of haves. Socialism does not work — it collapses of its own weight.

Many will try to interpret and condemn this as “don’t help the needy,” but a better interpretation is “quit making more of the needy.”

Coeur d’Alene

Before I discuss Membury’s letter, Mr. Mark Brown was responding to a Gary Ingram’s letter and making the usual excuses for the sad state of affairs vis a vis insurance companies, corporations laying off the work force, and the GOP who had no role in the ACA. Actually, they refused any such a role. As I finally got a commenter at the Spokesman-Review website to finally admit to it, “They (the GOP) didn’t want their fingerprints on a train wreck.” Actually, until the ACA is fully implemented, none of us would know whether it would be a “train wreck” or not. The point is, Mr. Brown was incorrect, the GOP wanted no role in the formation of the ACA.

A few months ago, the Subway CEO made a public declaration that he was not responsible for *briefly*, the general welfare of his employees: hours, wages, and health insurance. More recently, the news media such as CBS Evening News with Scott Pelley duly informs us, that Kohls, Macy, Sears, J.C. Penney, etc. are struggling to achieve any kind of nation-wide profits. I don’t guess that the Phillip Memburys of this world would care to draw a few lines between the dots and make the connections that talking points won’t accomplish on their own? J.C. Penney, Sears, etc. struggle for a lack of paying customers, and guys like Mark Brown make excuses for why they aren’t around. These are twin arguments that literally work at cross purposes to one another.

I am going to ask this: If you have people, such as the Subway CEO or even a similar attitude being expressed by J.C. Penney that they are under no obligation to upon hiring an employee, guarantee hours and wages sufficient for their employees to: pay rent, buy food, buy health insurance, pay for education, be able to gas their cars, etc. Well then, who will? These same people expect paying customers to come through their doors. But if this attitude is wide-spread among too many corporate CEOs, then I highly doubt that paying customers will be in sufficient abundance over time, to keep the profits rolling up toward the top. Who’s robbing whom? Make that, the haves seem a little too willing to slit their own throats while liberals like Membury cheer them on. I mean that, liberals like Membury.

The whole concept of equality began with the Founding Fathers and in particular, with Thomas Paine. While Mr. Membury is attacking all of that, he demonstrates some real historical ignorance about how this country came about and why. “Socialism” is a presumably anti-capitalist argument. I can think of nothing more anti-capitalist than the Subway guy who seems to think that he can rake in the profits, but not actually pay his employees sufficient wages to support themselves. Or the same kind of guy feels he can buy a few politicians, then puts the bulk of his earnings in the Cayman Islands because the “taxes are too high.” Why don’t I put it bluntly, where I have the opportunity to read up on Adam Smith’s “Wealth of Nations,” the current attitude among the Captains of Industry seems to have added a whole new meaning to “unproductive class.” If you are going to sit on that money, ultimately, it isn’t going to do you or anyone else any good.

Happy Thanksgiving! LOL!


One Response to “Right before Thanksgiving”

  1. Bettie O. Hebert Says:

    “I do not want to be the one on TV explaining my daughter’s disappearance,” a father, Garth Chouteau, said when we were talking about the subway issue.

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