Sour grapes

Two letters appeared in the 15th of November 2013 edition of the Coeur d’Alene Press. One titled, “ELECTION: Four strikes, we’re out.” And the other, “GOP: Time for us to compromise.” Craig Ankney was the author of the former, in which he attacked the people whom BNI PAC endorsed, as Progressive Socialist Democrats. Well, they weren’t endorsed by the Reagan Republicans, then they must be “Progressive Socialist Democrats.” Which I am sure would be news to Sandy Potano (Former Republican Idaho State Party — vice chair) and Jack T. Riggs, M.D. (former Lt. Governor of Idaho). They both endorsed Steve Widmyer as a Republican and a conservative. Well, Widmyer is also a capitalist, considering that he is a business owner. But now, since he, Kiki Miller, and etc. managed to beat out the Reagan Republican favorites including Mary Souza and Chris Fillios among others, suddenly he (as newly elected mayor) and the newly elected members of the City Council are now “Socialist, etc.” Which is frankly quite hilarious. Then Mr. Ankney further whines at how this country is on the verge of collapse. Along with a lot of other hyperbole. — While we are about it, just how much of the U.S. Constitution is actually revered by the Republicans and their special interest hangers on, anyway? Besides the 2nd Amendment, that is? Right along with the methinks Mr. Ankney doth protest too much, maybe he needs to look in a mirror for a lot of society’s problems. — Also of note, Mr. Ankney fled California “because of its socialism.” Instead of his looking for scapegoats as to why it may have followed him here; perhaps he needs to look at himself. Precisely as one of those people who created the conditions for its existence. And maybe he should also recognize, that there are plenty of natives around who are going to think what they wish and vote accordingly. What if they (we natives) don’t like the idea of Californian transplant Mr. Ankney telling us how to vote, or whom to vote for? 5 November 2013, the voters decided whom they wanted for Mayor and City Council; people like Mr. Ankney can learn to live with it.

Then Ralph Hallock, the writer of the latter letter, makes a common sense argument (to a point) about the need for the GOP to start to compromise. Not with those “liberals out to destroy the country,” of course, but with each other. From what myself as a standard and common sense Republican has seen in these last few years, is that the GOP have gone fringe radical to a high degree, and further are shafting one another. The “TEA Party,” with whom Mr. Hallock has many agreements, are no exception. However, if Mr. Hallock would like some kind of compromise, he would first need to talk to Mr. Ankney about the kind of nasty letters that he chooses to write. If anything, being a recipient of childish name calling because your Reagan Republican endorsed candidates did not win, is not going to endear the recipient of said name calling to any valid ideas you might present in the future. Ankney’s letter was factually a my way or the highway argument that Mr. Hollock felt the GOP could do better without. But his own argument was no less than a my way or the highway argument, when he snarled about the Democrats winning over voters with all those giveaways and handouts. A letter filled with cheap shots. Which would also argue that compromise is not likely. All I can say is, keep attacking your neighbors, and they aren’t likely to vote your way any time soon.

In Aesop’s Fables, read many many years ago, there is this story that sticks out in my mind. The wolf (actually a meat eater) sees a bunch of ripe grapes. He is thirsty and they look delicious. But try as he might, the wolf can’t jump high enough to reach them for a nibble. That is when the old wolf finally turns away and grumbles that the grapes were probably sour to begin with. The wolf is probably correct to be disappointed, but not so correct to blame the “untouchable grapes” for why he can’t get to them in the first place. Unlike the wolf and the grapevine, a change in attitude could advance one’s politics by considerable. I don’t expect that from either of these writers.


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