Totalitarian Politics

Election day is, I believe 5 November2013. 1 November 2013, this letter from Bob Brooke. President, North Idaho Pachyderm Club, Hayden Lake, Idaho. “PRESS: In league with moneyed elite.” I am not going to transcribe this letter that appeared in the Coeur d’Alene Press, but I will most definitely discuss it.

In years past, Mike Patrick, who is editor of the Coeur d’Alene Press, has been welcome to speak at the Pachyderm Club after every election regardless of the outcome. But this year, the Press has pretty much endorsed Widmyer, raised legitimate questions about Mary Souza’s financial support, been threatened for doing so, and now this. Bob Brooke has decided through his letter, that Mr. Patrick won’t be discussing the outcome of this particular election with them by the 8th of November. Mr. Patrick won’t be a welcome speaker at the post election meeting of the Pachyderm Club.

I wouldn’t know how many rancid letters routinely published in the Coeur d’Alene Press are actually penned by members of the Pachyderm Club. But we do know that bigotry has already been published; Frank Roberge wants his vote to oust “the gay agenda” and anything else that he disapproves of. Mr. Patrick has never had a problem publishing letters like this. And probably this is why he could be a welcome speaker at the Pachyderm Club. His newspaper caters to their kind of thinking almost exclusively.

Now just who are these “monied elite” that Mr. Brooke suddenly has issues with? Why don’t we first recognize that Ms. Souza is a member of the monied elite. She co-owns a business, “Design Events.” She has at times, put a column in the Press. She has also helped to put together However, she has already been called out on a number of occasions for not being open, honest, or transparent. She has been demonstrably divisive, “Recall CDA” over the McEuen DSCN0011 field project about tore the entire city of Coeur d’Alene apart. If Mr. Patrick suddenly prefers Steve Widmyer; well, there are a lot of us who do.

I had a degree of sympathy over the McEuen Field Project that perhaps should have received an advisory vote. But during the course of that particular ruckus, I wasn’t living in Coeur d’Alene, but rather in Dalton Gardens. So, moving to the outskirts of Coeur d’Alene as the recall drive kicked off, I was barely moved in to my new home when the signature gatherers showed up. I had barely changed my address and only recently re-registered to vote, when a signature gatherer showed up at my door. It would have been too soon to put my name down. Further, given who the divisive types were that drove Recall CDA, I finally decided against ever putting my signature down. Quite frankly, there is the voting booth, a good place and a good time to do your recalling there. I personally gave my endorsement to Mr. Widmyer. I may only be a hobby business owner, but I am a business owner. I am also a Republican. I also consider that to be a member of the Pachyderm Club, you are also a member of the moneyed elite. Hayden Lake (for I’ve been through the area) is a high value real estate location: town and lake collectively. Very pretty to look at, and a highly expensive place to live. So, I highly doubt that being a member of the “monied elite” is so much the problem; as Mr. Brooke’s effectively endorsing Ms. Souza and then going on to complain about how she was “treated” is the even bigger problem. Last week’s “The Inlander” recognized just how Republican Kootenai County is. Apparently, Mr. Brooke doesn’t recognize fellow “Republicans” outside of his own Pachyderm Club. By pushing divisiveness at a time like this, it isn’t exactly going to help Ms. Souza. It will say to a lot more people, why they might just want to vote for Widmyer. Those of us who haven’t voted absentee already, will not be voting for Souza after a letter like this. Mr. Brooke is a member of the monied elite. His opinions of his fellow members of the monied elite seems to be as follows: they must first be vetted and approved of by the Pachyderm Club; so as to be the “monied elite” Brooke and Co. won’t be inclined to attack, or to pit a town and county against itself. That spells totalitarian politics.


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