When yes, it is racism

Obama: Criticism doesn’t equal racism

Okay people, let’s try to get this straight once and for all. A black president was inevitable, just as a female president is inevitable. Sooner or later both were going to happen. I am sick and tired of those mindless hacks who want to accuse anyone and everyone who disagrees with Obama of being racist. There ARE other reasons for disagreeing with a president besides the color of his skin.

I disagreed with many things Bush did. Did that make me prejudiced against him? And don’t give me that crud about having respect for the office of the president. No one has a higher regard for that office than me. I just happen to have absolutely no respect for the moron that currently occupies it. He has done more to divide this country and cause racial tension than any other individual in the last 100 years.

Mike Harrell
Post Falls

23 October 2013, the day I have coffee with the ladies at the Oak Crest Club House. I discussed this letter in particular with one of them. We both agreed that if there was a President for whom "moron" ought to have applied, that would have been George W. Bush. Just as there is no question he followed the path of political division, while taking advantage of 9/11/2001. Moron as defined politically: lacking common sense, governing on the behalf of radical ideology, failing to exercise intelligence where it counts. You can’t exactly declare President Obama to be “such a moron.” Because he is not. Like any prior President, he can make mistakes. The ACA “healthcare.gov” debacle is most certainly one of them. A website so full of glitches, as I understand it, that it is a total embarrassment. But, that doesn’t make the President a “moron” just because “healthcare.gov” wasn’t up to speed.

Wouldn’t a “moron” refuse to correct problems like this? President Obama is in fact working to correct problems like this. Quite unlike his predecessor, who denied the factual problems of his administration and further, how he ran his wars on “terror.” Obviously, President Obama isn’t a “moron.”

Well then, it is a standard talking point to declare, that President Obama is responsible for the racial division in this country. Yeah, one that has been floating around for awhile and definitely unoriginal when tacked onto a letter. If a woman had been made a President, and a Democrat besides; undoubtedly she would be proclaimed by the Republicans as responsible for the worst sort of gender division since the last 100 years. The problem with that kind of thinking? It is bigotry. The bigot is projecting (like a bully), his personal canards onto others. He isn’t the “bigot,” it’s that other guy. He isn’t representing a party. that pushed (and still pushes) racial division in this nation, since the time of Richard Nixon; it’s that other guy. Mr. Harrell should do more to watch the news, and see who exactly does push racial division even now. It is the GOP. It is himself. Not President Obama.

On another note, Leonard Veit attacked “Common Core” standards. I haven’t been in school for ages, nor do I have children. And certainly none of an age to be in any public school grade where “Common Core” standards would need to be taught. So, I wouldn’t know whether this would be a good thing, or a bad thing that is “inflicted” on the kids. But I do know this, Mr. Veit proclaimed Bill Gates as a supporter of “Common Core” standards. Therefore, Mr. Gates must be a “socialist.” What do I know about socialists? Back in the late 19th to the early 20th centuries, and at various times up through the Vietnam era, socialists were opposed to our system of government, capitalism, and etc. Sometimes, they were very violently opposed to our democracy and the marketplace. Violently opposed enough, to try to overthrow what they hated, by any means possible. Socialists threw bombs, okay? Bill Gates is a capitalist. He is also a moral man. I’d like to know both why and when being moral, and humanitarian, earned a pejorative like this? Mr. Veit is in no position to judge educational standards today, given the facts of his own ignorance.


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  1. Left In Idaho (@NickyBayus) Says:

    very good points but while I can register w/Twitter, how can I tweet this spot-on post ?

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