The true meaning of “liberal bias”

The federal government partial shut down is over. Many people could say that it is about time. And many people would, in fact, like to blame the President for why memorials were closed and barricaded, national parks were closed, etc. Problem is folks, that’s what happens when you have a party that desperately wants to create a crisis situation. If hundreds of thousands of federal employees—who run the parks as rangers, who maintain the memorials as well as safeguard them, who take care of the animals in national zoos—then that is what you have to expect. The barricades will come up, the gates will close. So maybe, it is time we take a closer look at why all this happened. 18 October 2013, the Coeur d’Alene Press has an anonymous editorial that expressly blames everyone equally for the “shut down mess.” At the same time that this editorial is handing out raspberries to all and asundry, the majority of the letters published in the same paper today, come from people who voted for the politicians who helped create the mess. Yeah, think about it.

The historical biography about “Thomas Paine” referenced Machiavelli and this matter of virtue, acting to the greater good. Effectively, when the U.S. Constitution was finally voted into law by a 2/3rd majority, the drafters and signers of this document did have in mind, acting for the greater good. It was an enlightenment principle. Machiavelli also warned against factional self-interests, the systemic corruption that was possible, and the end result, tyranny. With what Machiavelli had to say; Sarah Palin shrieks from the sidelines, if President Obama were to make use of something that effectively brings to a halt any more “manufactured crisis” situations, then he ought to be impeached for it. Apparently, it was added to the Continuing Resolution bill, and also apparently, it was never stripped out of the bill. Signed into law, well it does give any President the authority to finally say, “Enough is enough.” President Obama spent four years trying to work with these people, they refused the offer. Now, he is done playing with them. Quite frankly, I don’t figure the President has anything that he needs to apologize about. Now as for the Democrats as a whole, reading up on what Machiavelli said might be a good idea. This party has most definitely been burdened with factional interests who want the government to do something solely for themselves. Regrettably, the GOP are no better. The most public face of their factional special interests, the “TEA Party,” took their place in Congress. They also decided they would dictate to the President what he would and would not do, what he could and could not have. Sarah Palin as a “TEA Party” cheerleader, seems to thing she can dictate to the President what he ought and ought not do. What bills he signs into law, or should not. Yeah, dictate. And if he “doesn’t immediately obey and knuckle under to our demands,” let us just undo the will of the people through [ahem] an impeachment! Excuse me? When was the last time these radical ideologues picked up a copy of the U.S. Constitution and checked into the criteria for impeachable offenses? Machiavelli, under the circumstances, can be considered a truly prescient fellow. The Democrats have their issues, but they are not the majority in the House of Representatives where the budget actually starts. Therefore, the anonymously written editorial went overbroad in pinning the blame on someone. Precisely, pinning the blame on everyone, everything, even the imaginary boogyman.

Now, I have a question for the voters? Would you care to pick up “Thomas Paine?” Would you care to research Machiavelli’s warnings to democratic states? I wouldn’t know how affected you might have been by the partial government shut down. If you were a federal worker, a family of a federal worker, a local agency that required federal $$$ to keep afloat, receiving federal grant money for such things as “Meals on Wheels.” You did see what effect this shut down had, one way or another. It affected your wallet. It effected education, perhaps. It effected a lot of things, good, that the government has made possible. So, now you can think about this: the Norquist fan club likes this smaller government. Well, through this partial government shut down, it can be said that government shrunk over a two week period. You lost a paycheck in that time, you couldn’t visit the various memorials in that time, you couldn’t visit the national parks in that time, you couldn’t visit the national zoo in that time. Now you want to scream because you didn’t get your “Meals on wheels” delivered in a timely fashion. Your Social Security check might not get sent, etc. Well, now you can think about the consequences of that sort of ideological theory. Guys like Norquist don’t think in terms of virtue (greater good). His anti-tax organization is entirely a matter of self-interest. The same thing is just as true as the “Club for Growth.” 2014 is just around the corner. And maybe it is time voters, at long last, what you think you want concerning the government. Not by reason of politics—Democrat v Republican. Not by reason of ideology. What do you want from your government? I can give a suggestion, an elected government that actually serves its constituency, regardless of how they voted or did not vote. The government must still represent them. Therefore, the people need to get off their duffs, put aside the childish ideology, and start seeing a future for this country. Otherwise, we shall continue to see manufactured crises, manufactured scandals, as Republicans decide to get vindictive when ever the voters choose someone else. If that is how the GOP wish to act, find people who at least act like adults. The Coeur d’Alene Press editorial was truly hilarious. Let’s be real generous in our condemnation of everyone running/not running Washington, D.C. And let us also run the letters of people who voted for the mess that was created. Have the rest of you had enough?


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