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The Coeur d’Alene Press certainly publishes some very interesting letters. Usually, they are in the range of hysteria, truly dramatic, and sometimes; looking for the typical scapegoat. 2 October 2013 is no exception. Dale Roloff of Spokane, Washington thinks that the real cause for why we have violent young men in our society, is the result of, not having God in schools. Or place the blame on heinous video games. Or watching movies full of mayhem. How about this? There are plenty of churches. Did these young men enter a church at any time and receive spiritual input from the pastors? If they did, then why did they turn violent? Maybe the cause is, they chose to. There are plenty of bibles. These same young men could obtain their spiritual input by personally reading such books. So why are public schools expected to provide this spiritual input, anyway? Remember when Ronald Reagan said, “The nine most frightening words that anyone can hear (kind of sort of): I am from the government and I am here to help.” Public schools are part of government, are they not? If Mr. Roloff resents government at any level; then he should not expect the public schools, to take on the added burden of “providing a spiritual input,” when that is the job of the church and the family. Again, why did these young men turn violent? Maybe because, they chose to. Instead of people like Roloff looking for excuses, I think he should accept the fact that a choice was made. And from such a choice, there were many fearful consequences.

Or, Mr. Roloff could look at a fellow letter writer who has no problem sending a nasty message. Jesse Robbins unquestionably is a bigot. He can’t stand the idea that a former college professor at NIC, Tony Stewart, could support expanding civil rights for more fellow human beings. So, among other things, the venom Mr. Robbins spews is that Mr. Stewart should “move” out of town. I wouldn’t know how long Mr. Stewart has been a resident here in Coeur d’Alene, but he was a college professor when I was first starting out at NIC. That was more than 30 years ago. Now, why should Mr. Stewart move? He heads up the Kootenai County Task Force on Human Relations. What would be “political” about supporting civil rights? Arguably, it would actually be moral to support civil rights. And if Mr. Robbins can’t call Sgt. Christie Wood by her name, meanwhile screaming that she has “taken a political stance against so many.” So many of whom? I can certainly hope there aren’t too many bigots, like Mr. Robbins around. People so filled with hate, that they can’t recognize, their God told them to share their bounty with others. Circa the Book of Acts. And that “bounty” isn’t just in material goods. Then again, maybe those churches are not up to the task, of fulfilling that spiritual void after all. If the churches won’t because of their political stances, could the public schools do any better?

And then, there is Larry Carstensen. Some many thousands of people have died in Syria since the civil war with a dictatorial government began over two years ago. Only recently, did the Assad dictatorial government use chemical weapons that killed over 400 children. Now what has that got to do, with demonizing the women’s right to choose in this country? Actually, not a thing. But Mr. Carstensen will nonetheless, engage in any opportunistic ploy, to push his own agenda. Over 50 million “abortions” he whines. Yeah, since Roe v. Wade made it legal for women to obtain a safe procedure; that until this SCOTUS decision, was actually dangerous to her health and well being; because it was being practiced by back alley abortionists. What people like Carstensen can’t seem to figure out, criminalizing this medical procedure, did not stop women from attempting to end their pregnancies. But until Roe v.Wade, such medical records were not kept.

I will explain here that “abortion” is a catch all word. It involves everything from a pregnancy that spontaneously aborts. It involves premature delivery. It involves still births. It involves congenital defects, some of which could prove fatal. Abort, to end. Abort, something that is incomplete. Abortion, monstrosity. Abortion, or miscarriage of justice. Abortive, in the planning stages and brought to an end. Get the picture? If Mr. Carstensen wants to talk about the “murder” or “butchery” of “unborn children,” there is a more apropos word: aborticide. But out of all those some 50 million pregnancies that terminated (inclusive of different medical factors, plus rape and incest); how many pregnancies were terminated because the woman simply did not want the child? That would be hard to say. But I will bet that , there were never 50 million women over a period of more than 40 years, who simply didn’t want their children. And that medical factors, inclusive of still births, played a very heavy role in these “abortion” statistics. What we need are facts. We can’t depend, on politically motivated histrionics from the anti-aborticide movement, to ever provide the actual facts. They’d rather make apples and oranges comparisons, instead.


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