Profits and common sense

(laminated) Open letter to the meat processing plant [in your neighborhood]

We (the customer) understand that you (owner of said processing plant) don’t like the idea of the poultry, pork, beef, or fish that you process here; to be inspected by privately hired and trained food inspectors. Well, we (your ultimate potential) customers of said processed meat, would like to know that the food we eat, won’t sicken us or the families we serve your products to. Do remember that we are the ones buying the stuff you put on the shelves in the local retail stores. Guarantee that it is safe to eat, or; we shall guarantee that we won’t buy it.

(to be hung on fencing, outside on factory walls, near doors of factories, etc.) Sincerely, The customer

Jim Hightower can be considered a liberal, in the manner that Republicans would like to think of him as one, because he is still of the opinion that the government should do it all. The government should send health inspectors around to visit the umpteen thousands of food processing plants, and cite them with food safety violations if those same plants have managers (who cut costs by cutting corners) at the risk of potential customers’ lives. Quite frankly, given the health scares that went up since G.W. Bush was President of the United States, that is a very understandable concern. At the same time, private inspectors who are not allowed to do their jobs, should be an even bigger concern.

So, this becomes the rationale for the above suggested placard. Profits can only be made, when these processed foods are finally sold, to the customers at various retail establishments. But, what if the customers refused to buy it, unless it was certified safe to eat? Wouldn’t that definitely tell the corporate CEO and board of directors of said company, that saving some $ makes no ¢ if people have to spend a lot of moolah on medical bills. Especially after they buy the processed foods where: the fish was tainted, among the butchered cattle, some were infected, the same with different kinds of poultry and pork. If they were to lose profits, because the customers refused to buy those products, the corporate heads of those companies might be made to care very much.

I have no doubt that the sequester, had a lot to do with the “outsourcing of inspectors.” Jim Hightower’s latest chief complaint about the Obama administration. If a liberal like Hightower complains like this about President Obama; it just may be, that Obama is far more centrist in his administration, than Hightower would like. However, it should be asked, why should government do everything? Is it possible that the customers could take a hand in their own affairs? The customers should be prepared, through their purchasing power; to tell these corporations what they like, or don’t like about their products. The laminated placard suggested above, would be one possible way of informing these profits conscious types, that ultimately they are accountable to their customers. In the free market system, your product had best meet the customers’ expectations, if you plan to sell it to them.


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