Fetus=Reason to hate

RIGHTS: Babies ‘versus weirdos’

Thank you Mr. Regan for exposing the true inner mind set of the illustrious Mr. Stewart and Mr. Carter. Why aren’t they protecting the millions of babies slaughtered by abortions? No, just the 1 percent of the 1 percent of the weirdos of our society.

Coeur d’Alene

There is an obvious reason for reprinting this letter to the editor (Coeur d’Alene Press, 25 September 2013) at the beginning of this particular blog post. It contradicts Ms. Mary Smith’s assertions of what public prayer is supposed to do for the citizens of this society. Yeah, this “divine guidance” presumably coming from a “God” opposing aborticide; that at the same time, of all the children actually born, just how many have the likelihood of joining the weirdos? When the authors of this “letter” submitted it for obvious publication, I think they never stopped to ask themselves that kind of question. I have an idea, that the God and Jesus Christ of the New Testament; would find this brand of pure hate offensive enough, that they would not recognize the “Christianity” of those who expressed it. What can I say? Exploit a fetus, in order to justify, hatred of one’s neighbor. Even if according to the bible, Christ was supposed to be totally opposed to the exploitation of children, under any circumstances. No amount of “public prayer” will ever cure venom like this.

Then we have Darlene Turner’s letter, “Abortion (aborticide): War on wrong enemy.” In which, this author feels that Syria is less of an issue, despite the massive loss of human life there; than for what ever reason, pregnancies are terminated here. Why are we even equating a civil war in Syria, with a religious agenda opposing the woman’s right to choose, here in the U.S.? Obviously, because it is there to be exploited. So, according to Ms. Turner, fetuses are “burned alive” in the mother’s womb. Let me guess that the mother’s womb doesn’t face the same ill effects as putatively, the fetus does. Right after that, the same author goes off the deep end. The photos are so “awful” that the news media wouldn’t show them. So, how does Ms. Turner know how “awful” it is, if she hasn’t seen the photos? Let us then project onto the President here (I guess because he is a Democrat). “Where does he get the moral authority to declare war on anybody, when he pushes for murdering babies here in the United States.” Because the Democrats support the Roe v. Wade SCOTUS decision of 1973, that translates into pushing for the murdering of babies… At the same time, when actual infanticide does happen here in this country, just how much hue and cry is expressed over it? I am thinking, not enough.

Let us cut to, for the moment, of Representative Raul Labrador. He proclaims that he doesn’t really want to shut the government down, but he wants to “protect the American people” from Obamacare. Meaning, that he is utterly opposed to the idea that Americans might have access to more affordable health insurance, as part of this country having more affordable health care. What does that mean for the fetus, the anti-aborticide movement wants forced into the world? Well, it could mean that as a baby, the parents might not have access to health insurance and affordable health care, which puts the baby at risk of dying from preventable causes, in the child’s first year of life. Seriously, you can’t have it both ways. Proclaim, as Ms. Turner does, all this butchery of “unborn life,” then turn around and leave the child who is born, to the whims of fate.

And finally, Ms. Turner alleges the POTUS, Barack Obama, is all for “killing the children” if his daughters became pregnant. I haven’t paid attention to the news, but it does sound that Ms. Turner has gone on a real bender, recently. If you are on the pro-choice side of the ledger, in the Democratic party, you no doubt would publicly say, that you’d want your own kids to have the choices granted through the Roe v. Wade SCOTUS decision. At no point would you wish to go back on it. But it doesn’t stop the likes of Ms. Turner turning it around and proclaiming “killing for reasons of convenience.” Well now, Job 10:1-18: “I am disgusted with life; I will give rein to my complaint, speak in the bitterness of my soul. I say to God, ‘Do not condemn me; let me know what You charge me with. Does it benefit You to defraud, to despise the toil of Your hands, while smiling in the counsel of the wicked? Do You have the eyes of flesh? Is Your vision that of mere men? Are Your days the days of a mortal, are Your years the years of a man, that You seek my iniquity and search out my sin? You know that I am not guilty, and that there is none to deliver from Your hand.

Your hands shaped and fashioned me, then destroyed every part of me. Consider that You fashioned me like clay; will You then turn me back into dust? You poured me out like milk,congealed me like cheese; You clothed me with skin and flesh and wove me of bones and sinews; You bestowed on me life and care; Your providence watched over my spirit. Yet these things You hid in Your heart; I know that You had this in mind; to watch me when I sinned and not clear me of my iniquity; should I be guilty—the worse for me! And even when innocent, I cannot lift my head; so sated am I with shame, and drenched in my misery. It is something to be proud of to hunt me like a lion, to show Yourself wondrous through me time and again! You keep sending fresh witnesses against me, letting Your vexation with me grow. I serve my term and my own replacement.

Why did You let me come out of the womb? Better had I expired before any eye saw me, had I been as though I never was, had I been carried from the womb to the grave. My days are few, so desist! Leave me alone, let me be diverted for a while before I depart—never to return—for the land of deepest gloom; a land whose light is darkness, all gloom and disarray, whose light is like darkness’.” What Job described here, is an abortion. Better to have been aborted quoth he, than to have lived to see the misery he is suffering from now. Quite frankly, I wouldn’t know if Ms. Turner has in her possession, the Tanakh. But she does have access to any Old Testament, and most bibles, carry some variant of the above quoted scripture in full. Instead of Ms. Turner adding to the misery of this country by using the fetus to express pure and unadulterated hatred toward others [typically of the wrong political party]? Why doesn’t she spend some time and actually work toward alleviating some of the misery that now exists? Or would that be asking too much?


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