Phony arguments

George Nethercutt appeared again in the most recent Inlander. He spends a great deal of time comparing the real Washington, as in state, with the apparently fake Washington as in D.C. I’d hate to break it to the guy, but when you were only a part of the problem during the years you spent in the House of Representatives, that means you were as much a part of the phoniness as everybody else. Today, by even being a part of that “phony” Washington, D.C., even if he is no longer an elected official, means that he is still part of the problem. Even further, if he doesn’t like it, why does he routinely pay the “fake” Washington, D.C. a visit? And given Nethercutt’s resume in these times; a member of a prestigious law firm, on the board of Hecla Mining Company in Coeur d’Alene; wouldn’t a lot of people wish they could cash in on having been a politician, just like that. Yes, actually, there are a few things that Nethercutt does leave out about that “phony” Washington, D.C. Just how much he stood to benefit, for holding an elected office, would be the first subject of primary importance.

I’d suggest, that if Mr. Nethercutt really wanted to know where a real place is, he should have taken up the job of janitor. I don’t guess he’d be spending any summers at a cabin on Priest Lake, but he’d know what the real world is. Just as if he were that janitor, he’d be more anxious about how far his paycheck will stretch every month, than worrying about those “weak leaders” in Washington, D.C. Nor would he be agreeing with selected Republicans who argue how this nation is on the “wrong track.” If he were indeed no more than a lowly janitor. Oh, and those same Republicans, were particularly rare birds; at a time when, this nation was truly on the wrong track, during the G.W. administration.

I know exactly why The Inlander gives this fellow a voice. After all, the actual liberal news media, as found in The Inlander, is likely to be generous in giving the fellow a platform upon which he can speak. There are times (rarely) when Nethercutt has something worth saying. Unfortunately, this is not one of them. Before Nethercutt proclaims that a self important Washington, D.C. (which he does frankly epitomize) should learn something from Spokane; he should learn a few things from his home town, first.


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