The “Abortion” ideology

21 August 2013 and the latest Hans Neumann abortion fixation hits the letters columns in “Readers Write.” I don’t figure that I need to transcribe his letter, however I shall discuss it. First of all, why is Mr. Neumann tasking the Human Rights Task Force (originally on) Race Relationships [in response to the Aryan Nations until their demise as a group] with the “abortion” issue? Why does he feel that he needs to task a police officer Sgt. Christie Wood about his particular obsession? When ever did a termination of the pregnancy (willfully or otherwise) have to do with human rights denied to minorities, women, the laboring class, and finally gays? I will bet you that if Mr. Neumann were actually asked that, he’d have no clear answer to give.

Therefore, this is the answer I will give. Abortion is a political weapon. It is a means to an end. Not because those who are “agin” it care about human rights or children. They are “agin” it as long as they think others are “for” it. Abortion is a means to an end because, it enables the person obsessed with the issue to express hatred toward his neighbors even as he proclaims he acts in his Jesus’ name. What is probably the most ironic thing that can be imagined? Guys like Neumann make no connection between that fetus and the fact that all his neighbors were once in the same condition. Which is why Mr. Neumann is in no position to preach “justice” about anything to anyone.

There are a lot more commandments in the ten commandments than just the one pertaining to murder. If people like Neumann were to check them out, maybe they would find the one concerning making no false promises. If you are going to oppose abortion, and insist that the state pass all sorts of laws that potentially makes even miscarriage (and getting medically treated for same) illegal; what then must society do when the law forces children into the world? For example, children born into deeply impoverished circumstances and more likely to die within their first year for that reason. Is society in general and antiaborticidists like Neumann prepared to assist these children in surviving? In becoming educated? In obtaining a job? In becoming a rocket scientist? In becoming the doctor who cures cancer? Being part of the society that welcomes these children irrespective or race? Religion? No religion? Regardless of financial status? Living an unconventional life politically and etc.? Shall we put it bluntly, that the Human Rights Task Force along with Sgt. Christie Wood is probably doing more for the “children” who are or will be successfully born with their efforts now, than can be said about Mr. Neumann and his constant use of “abortion” to attack everyone and everything. If in the future, a child born gay or other minority isn’t ultimately denied work or housing, faces no form of discrimination; this will be the result of people like Sgt. Christie Wood and Mr. Tony Stewart.

This is what makes Mr. Neumann, with his constant fixation on “abortion,” nothing more than a radical. I recall an old dictionary that had many definitions of “abortion.” Such as and certainly to include: termination of pregnancy. But also, something incomplete. A premature end to a project of some kind. Also, monstrosity. Perhaps in law where a decision is reached concerning a criminal or civil case that might be deemed a “monstrosity” or even a miscarriage of justice. Even further, some of the more hoary legislative decisions made by GOP controlled legislatures down south. Where motorcycle safety is suddenly partnered to an anti-aborticide law. A hybrid abortion (monstrosity) to be sure. Thus, the only way that Mr. Neumann could be considered a radical with his constant refrain on this one issue is if he is absolutely ignorant about all its implications for everyone else. Or if, writing a letter and dashing it off to the Press is simply easier than being part of the social solution to what may well be a chronic social problem.

If women willfully end their pregnancies there usually is a reason. Those who have willfully attacked those women down through the years, have never asked why they ended their pregnancies. Probably, because the attackers never wanted to hear the answers. Instead, aborticide is all about the politics. Women’s rights to decide if they wish to have children must be countered with laws demanding that they will have children. On the other hand, where is the societal concern for the well being of those children should they be born? Mr. Neumann’s constantly looking for an excuse to use “abortion” as a weapon against anyone for any reason is an abortion in itself. When does he offer a substantial declaration that “we” are only fetuses at best for nine months, and become part of society from day 1 of our births, for however long we continue to reside on this Earth? A substantial declaration that takes all of this into consideration and recognizes when human rights and humanitarian concerns truly should begin! It doesn’t start at conception and end at the birth canal. If you care about a fellow human being at all, you care for that person all the rest of your life. Mr. Neumann’s wild ramblings about his favorite obsession, have never impressed me, that he cares at all about anyone. So, how do his constant stream of abortions in “God’s name” win him favor in God’s eyes? That will be a decision only his God can make. For the rest of us, either we can be entertained by these letters, get frustrated by them, or ignore his wild rants altogether.


2 Responses to “The “Abortion” ideology”

  1. you do not know me Says:

    I am not agin abortion because others are for it. I had one and I suffer every single day of my life mourning for what I did and what I lost. THAT is real. And before you say that those of us who are agin it don’t take care of children, I adopted one that had no parents…. I only want women to be told the truth about the lies we are told – it’s meaningless and just a medical procedure and it isn’t a real baby. That is what I want.

  2. jeh15 Says:

    Of course I don’t know you. Did you miscarry? That is the typical abortion that women are most likely to mourn over. Did you adopt a child because you could not get pregnant again? I know all about those things. However, I’d suggest that you might visit the state of Idaho’s web site. The legislative branch of our gvt does a great deal to damage educational opportunities, among other things. For being a super religious state and proud of it, kids and families are not of primary importance here.

    As for the argument that you have been “lied” to. The anti-aborticide movement does plenty of that. So, truth becomes which ever well you want to look into the bottom of.

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