My Sci Fi novel is done

I had not been online at all for more than a week. First, I had to recover from a bout of kidney infection. Then it was, get ready for the North Idaho Fair. But now, since Friday, 15 August 2013, I have completed all twenty-five chapters of my first ever book, “Are You a Space Alien?” and other adventures. An all-inclusive four part novel. Only after I have finished submitting entries to the N.I. Fair; will I proceed to review my book in its entirety. After that, I write a separate prologue and epilogue. The prologue will actually begin the crime part of the novel. The epilogue will cover at least one aspect of what life is like for the space aliens as they make their homes in a very foreign solar system. No spoiler alerts permitted. After that, credits and acknowledgements. Credits of course will involve books I have read from which I will have received some inspiration for the novel. Science fiction and fantasy writers who were my favorites over the years. Then it is on to T.V. shows and those who produced them. Plus, some stand out movies that helped provide fodder to this particular genre. Acknowledgements that will certainly include real live people who became inspirations or role models for some of the characters. I’ll include the Reagan Republicans. Their fictionalized counterparts, the “O’Brien Republicans,” are conceptualized in accordance with what I know of, or hold an opinion about the Reagan Republicans.

This book has some basis in science fact and evolutionary theory. Darwin’s “Isolation of species” became the underpinning of the novel’s villainous scientists—the Ka’aern drauro—to genetically tweak prehistoric apes. To keep them isolated, until the succeeding generations of those who had been genetically modified, had taken on a human form. On the other hand, as these same scientists were intent on genetically creating a new species, they removed from the mutating colonies of apes, those who were not mutating in the genetically correct direction. Many thanks goes to Rick Riordan for his demigod stories. They inspired a mutant concept of “peoples” who would be robust, tremendously strong and agile. Literally, “more than a normal human being.” However, the Ka’aern drauro did not kill anything they did not want in their colonies. They figured that the environment, predators, would do that for them. Of the cast offs that survived regardless, some became much like “demigods” in physical prowess. Also, many thanks goes to J.R.R. Tolkien and his depictions of the elves in his books, “The Lord of the Rings,” plus, “The Hobbit.” Combine that with old Irish and other European folk tales about “the little people,” etc. Put some hundreds of them up in the Cascades region of Washington State, and anything is possible after that.

There is a background of factual information in this book. The terrorist attack in Munich, Germany during one of its annual Oktoberfests truly did happen. Beverly Gage’s “The Day Wall Street Exploded,” is referred to as the main Space Alien character, John Herrmann of Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, dukes it out with GOP members of Congress. Otherwise, Gene Roddenberry, Zenna Henderson, and Andre Norton suggest that not all aliens found in the universe are hell bent on invading everybody and killing indiscriminately. It is possible for aliens to play very nicely with each other and the people of Earth. This too is how I wished to present this book.

Otherwise, this book has intentional comic moments. It is written for its most part in what I will hope is a fairly well presented mystery novel. An action thriller, as terrorists invade Kootenai County. And what terrorists survive their encounters with space aliens, demigods, and faeries; get remanded to federal custody. A parody of American culture and recent American history. Space aliens as the new workforce that business interests want to outsource jobs to. When the business interests get rebuffed, the GOP steps in and wants to investigate. They are outed, so to speak, as tools of the business interests. That is as far as I will go to summarize this book. Rereading and correcting what I have written, maybe fleshing out new details here and there, will take some time. After that, the final wrapping up. Maybe, from a self-publishing start, I can contact Amazon for this to become a downloadable e-book. Probably by October I figure, I can commence to take the next step.


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