No sense of community

I am in the process of [also] reading the book, “Atheist Manifesto,” by Michel Onfray. The reason I am starting my latest post on this blog with the mention of this book is simple: While Mr. Onfray has every right to his opinion in denying God, I believe he is flat out wrong about “Christianity” in particular. I’m not so sure that “Christians” believe in God either. If they actually did, wouldn’t you see a far different religion in existence than one that is obviously driven by money, power, and politics? The only purpose for God and Jesus Christ is to serve as a justification for these obviously secular pursuits. At least, Mr. Onfray comes by his denial of the divine honestly. The same can not be said of many “Christians” today.

Take into consideration Al French. Mr. French, [i think] sets on the City Council of Spokane, Washington. Normally, as an Idahoan; I can’t get very interested in a city I don’t even come to visit. But as an Idahoan who lives in a mobile home park, I am going to get very interested when Mr. French is all for “getting rid of trailers.” What is at issue, the number of trailer parks setting about near Fairchild AFB. Where they are lined up is in an area that the Air Force declares to be a high probability of a crash zone. Mr. French is all for “getting rid of trailers” in such an area in order to keep Fairchild and the $$$ it brings to Spokane, Washington. What is also at issue, is where to house the evictees from such parks. Catholic Charities is prepared to step up to the plate and provide places to live. But there is a need for money. Mr. French is impatient about simply “getting rid of trailers” and wants to purchase the land, never mind where the trailer park inhabitants go after that. Well, I’m sure Mr. French goes to church. I’m also sure that his pastor most conveniently skips over those passages in the bible, reference: The Sermon on the Mount. What Christ was prepared to teach then, more than 2,000 years ago, can be briefly summed up as, “What you do even unto the least of these, you do even unto me.” If Mr. French truly believed in God, wouldn’t he be more likely to work with Catholic Charities, to help people leave a rattle trap trailer park in an obvious dangerous area? That he wouldn’t be an obvious roadblock to these people getting the help they needed? Mr. French is more worried about Fairchild being closed than he is about the constituency he needs to answer to. Yeah, in Mr. French’s world, money is the only God to be reverenced and worshiped.

Simpson is now being targeted by “Club for Growth.” Not exactly sure what they mean by that. However, they were responsible for the successful elections of such zanies as Cruz and (Can you believe this?) Flake. Senators representing their respective states and also subjected to ridicule on “The Daily Show.” Simpson is touted as a “moderate” Republican. Not that I know of. But if he demonstrates some capacity for intelligence and the skill of thinking, that may make him a target of people who prefer to quote talking points [as though from a little red book]. The more to the fringe they can push those talking points and still call it “conservative,” the better. If I am in the capacity to vote for Senator Simpson, then I would. Club for Growth does not dictate my decisions. As much as that fringe radical group would rather this were not, it is still a democracy.

About two years ago, before mom died, I was facing some real on the job frustrations. The lack of hours that translates into the loss of a paycheck. What I was told then was something like this: Don’t expect J.C. Penney to pay your bills, etc. for you. Further, the individual who was ranting that, seemed to think that the “state” ought to provide the resources to “take care of me” instead. Never mind that this is Idaho, and the GOP in control of it don’t much care for the deeply impoverished. Apparently, the supervisor (at the time), didn’t seem to much understand anything. She was in a good position with certain guarantees, inclusive of salary. She could expect J.C. Penney to pay her bills and etc. with no problem. She also seemed to be of an opinion that I could find a “real” job somewhere else. Again, never mind that this is Idaho, and “real jobs” that pay well, would be extremely hard to find. Especially for an individual already in many respects disabled, and at the age of 57 at the time. Cue to “The Daily Show with Jon Stewart,” temporarily hosted by John Oliver. Last week, in fact, there were some hot heads (I guess) on Fox News who spewed out the same line of crap that I heard more than two years ago. McDonald’s is not in the business of paying the various bills, etc. of its employees. Further, you could only plead the sort of poverty of earning an annual salary of $250,000 that had to include being able to send your kids to college. Well now, wouldn’t the McDonald’s employees just love to “plead” that sort of poverty.

So this last part of this post becomes an open letter to McDonald’s present CEO:

So you think your employees should work for free?

Dear sir,

I don’t guess it would occur to you, as you use your wealth to set yourself a world apart from the people busy making your profits; to consider a few things. First of all, your employees aren’t your slaves and no, they don’t work for free. They come to work for you and yes, they expect to get paid for the effort they make on your behalf. Shall I put it bluntly that, here in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, gasoline runs at about $3.69. In order for your employees to get to work, they must have the money to buy this gas, as it does not come for free. Neither are utilities companies offering their services for free; they do expect to get paid for the services they deliver. People who own rental properties also expect to have the rent paid (what ever the rent may be) promptly, and typically on a monthly basis. These rental property owners are not offering housing for free. Neither do grocery stores provide donated food on a daily basis to most customers. They do expect to be paid for the groceries picked up off the shelves. The same thing with clothing stores. And yes, McDonald’s CEO, no customer comes through your door, or arrives at your drive through, with the expectation of not paying for a combo meal; what ever that combo meal might be. That is the truth of what capitalism is actually supposed to be in this country. In a society that is driven by, and functions on money; your profits are greatly determined by the fact that your customers can actually pay for their purchases.

I could suggest, Mr. CEO, that you need to be better educated about the system of capitalism and its particular limitations. J.C. Penney’s then CEO (until early this year), managed to alienate the majority of that company’s customer base and they refused to shop there. Stocks plummeted, profits were lost, and that particular CEO was ousted. How about this? The customer base that you need for your millions in dollars annual earnings, suddenly decide that they will take their business somewhere else. Would you be prepared to blame the employees, cost jobs, close stores? How about blaming your own arrogance for why you no longer have those profits? I don’t guess that anything like this would ever occur to you now would it? The matter of supply and demand is as much based on you having paying customers, as it depends on your employees actually earning a living, so that they in turn can become paying customers to whatever “demand” in goods and services is out there.

So why don’t we just put it bluntly, that the excuses made on Fox News (I believe) isn’t going to be very useful to rental property owners, gas station attendants, utilities companies, or retail stores; when it comes to your employees needing the basics and actually being able to afford them. All of the above merchants and service providers do want their money and assured profits. Your arrogance and the apologia choir on Fox News don’t take that into consideration. You are in the [fast food] business of denying profits to others. So, I highly doubt that you can call this a “system of capitalism” any longer.


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