Is it racism?

There was a recent letter to the editor in the Coeur d’Alene Press from a fellow who changed his name to actually represent the type of person he truly is: Unus Vocate. I think he meant it to mean, I am a self-righteous scumbag and proud of it. In his letter, he demanded that African-Americans in rallying to support the justice that Treyvon Martin never received in the George Zimmerman trial, ought to be regarded as racists. What if the young Mr. Martin had been white? Would these same African-Americans have rallied in support of him and demanded justice? Good question, as to the first part, what if Treyvon Martin had been white? Oh say, he had been a victim of a Columbine school shooting? — As I recall, there was a great deal of outrage about the Columbine School shooting, it was about the violence of video games. It was about protecting gun rights. It was less about the bullying that may have been a contributor to the school shooting. It was more about parents failing to control their kids. A white Treyvon Martin who died in such an incident, would not have gotten rallies in his honor. Certainly not from any white folks. And known “lib-lefties” would have used his death as an argument toward gun control. The NRA would have simply been dismissive of his death in favor of gun ownership as a sacred right.

Say that Treyvon Martin had been a white teen with an arrest record. He has no weapon and has gone to a local store to buy a bag of Skittles. He walks through a neighborhood with signs posted that this area is protected through neighborhood watch. Mr. Zimmerman is in fact patrolling the neighborhood and sees a young white man wearing a hoodie. Maybe that young white fellow is eating his bag of Skittles, maybe not. But outside of watching the young fellow walk through this particular neighborhood, would Mr. Zimmerman have an interest in pursuing the young man? As they say, it is all speculation from here on out. We don’t know if Mr. Zimmerman would have behaved differently had Mr. Martin been white. However, since the Vocate letter had come out, there have been many cries of “racism” regarding people rallying on the behalf of justice for Martin.

Besides the particular disgust that I feel when ever I see people proclaim “racism” against the President for merely saying that Martin could have been himself 35 years ago. Or looking to “attack the victim” so to speak when accusing people who care about their own as “racists.” I am not sure just what that is supposed to prove, beyond the shadow of a doubt that this is guilt trip parade, and the marchers need someone to project their worst problems onto. It is a lot of nastiness looking for a justification. Well excuse me, but I don’t see anything “conservative” about it.

My view is, that if a fellow points a finger at people who demand justice for a young man who was brutally gunned down and call them “racist,” that just means he is a racist. He can’t honestly admit that this is his real problem; therefore, it becomes the problem of someone else. While he is so busy attacking these people for actually caring about this slain teenager; has he (inclusive of Vocate) expressed any desire to care about people brutally killed in acts of gun violence under any circumstances? Yes, or no? If not, then this is yet another aspect of the guilt trip parade. —we care more about our ideological agendas than we ever will about people! What if Treyvon Martin had been white when he died at the hands of George Zimmerman? Would the stand your ground gun law have served to shield Mr. Zimmerman from ever being held accountable for his actions? Or would Treyvon Martin being white, factor into Mr. Zimmerman actually going to prison for his crimes? I’m quite certain that racism is a factor. In fact, as it involves racists pointing fingers and shrilly screaming “racism” at everyone else.


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