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Yesterday, the Spokesman-Review had a Mona Charen editorial that generally I could agree with. Her opinion that those who actually happen to be conservative would appreciate what is so right about this country. She went on to list those items of interest in other nations, other cultures, where things weren’t “quite so right.” In the run up to the 4th of July, it shouldn’t matter where you stand politically, you ought to appreciate the kinds of things this nation actually gave you.

However, here on Wednesday, the 3rd of July 2013, any number of letters that express nothing but pure hatred while thumping the bible at the same time. “GOD: Approves of Kim’s letters,” suggests that the author, Jeanne Helstrom hasn’t read what the scriptures have to offer. God doesn’t approve of hatred, or hypocrisy, people who judge others. So, how does Ms. Helstrom know that God would approve of the throwing of tantrums since the Coeur d’Alene City Council passed the anti-discrimination ordinance on the behalf of gays and lesbians. That is all these letters amount to. Tantrum throwing because these people are being asked to treat gays, lesbians, and transgenders as fellow American citizens; and leave the judging to God. David Howard presents us with a justification for why he doesn’t approve of gays with, “GOD: Approves of hetero sex” by discussing what is found in Genesis. Uh, if he read further into the Old Testament (Tanakh), there is plenty of hetero sex that God doesn’t approve of. To include, not having sex with a woman if she is having a period; not having sex with a woman in a week or so after she has birthed a child. According to God, the woman is “unclean.” Yeah, letters that express in and of themselves how much the writers are stuck on themselves and finding much to wax outraged over. The spoiled child syndrome has it: You gave my kid sister Elizabeth a new dolly. Now I’m going to trash it. Even though I fully realize, you gave me a brand spanking new toy box for all my stuff. That is the actual bottom line of letters like this.

Then you have the ridiculously threatening letters from dudes such as Bruce Maddux, “KRCC: Power of the people.” Here, Mr. Maddux wants to take Mr. Gookin to task for “incautious” statements. Regardless of where Mr. Gookin stands or anti-discriminatory ordinances, the last I checked, this is still a democracy. Mr. Gookin isn’t obliged to check with the KRCC for the correct talking points to make. I have one reason to not vote for Mr. Gookin, his mistaking where I live as a “trailer park.” But, after the Maddux letter came out, he offers a better reason why Gookin, at this time, would get my support. Should the KRCC come knocking at my door, I’ll be happy to inform them to enjoy gay sex with self. The other kind of threat, “CITIES: Prepare for baseless suits,” by D.R. Rose. He is located in Athol, Idaho and declares he won’t plan on checking into picking up on rental properties here in Coeur d’Alene based on the anti-discrimination ordinance. First of all, maybe Rose should take an actual swing through town and look at how much Coeur d’Alene is filling up on rental properties. There wouldn’t be much market for the fellow to expand into this area of the county if he wanted to. Ordinance or no ordinance, he(?) wouldn’t have much room to expand beyond the less populated Athol, Idaho. But he’ll use the anti-discriminatory ordinance as an excuse, claiming that if he cited gays for “bad credit checks,” they could begin a baseless lawsuit founded on discrimination. I’m not prepared to argue that no individual who rents to others should forgo a substantial credit check. However, should say a fellow by the name of Rose give a pass to heteros with bad credit, and more vigorously seek to winnow out the gays regardless of their credit history, that would be good evidence for a merit-based lawsuit. A good businessman shouldn’t have any issues period, with the people who become his customers. Rose may as well have said, that his religion stands in the way of Gays wanting to rent property from him.

I generally don’t read the Coeur d’Alene Press except for the occasional letter columns and look at the food ads. In the over a year since I moved into my first ever home in my name, I have never had a good reason to take out a subscription for the Press at all. Usually, the most hate-filled, obnoxious, and ridiculous letters make it into publication on a weekly basis. So, here are two welcome letters; Tom Bassler’s “GAY: That doesn’t mean bad,” and Irene Smith’s “PRESS: Less preaching, please.” Here, I’ll transcribe the editor’s note in full: Editor’s note: The Press encourages differing views of issues for the Opinion pages, but we can’t print what we don’t receive. Really? So, Michael Patrick is expressing that the tons of letters he gets and is actually obliged to print comes from people, a preponderance of them, who are nasty and obnoxious using the bible as a justification. Why not put it more honestly, Patrick gets more letters, I am sure, than what are actually published. He gives careful consideration to the nasty and obnoxious. Got to give the base that protected status, you know.

What was probably the most telling thing about the Mona Charen editorial? I’d have to say that so many people, irrespective of party, are so busy bitching and whining, that they don’t stop long enough to take stock of what they have going for them. Ms. Charen declared, that it was the liberals who constantly look for something to get outraged over. Well then, David Howard, Jeanne Helstrom, Bruce Maddux and D.R. Rose; join the liberal/progressive side of society, if you will.


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  1. Gina Beard Says:

    “It’s a day that historians will mark as a milestone for equal rights, when we did what was right, just and fair and did it together, Republicans and Democrats, gay and straight, young and old,” Gregoire said, at the bill signing on Monday.

  2. gold price Says:

    “This is a huge victory,” said Tony Stewart, the Human Rights Task Force on Human Relations member who proposed the ordinance to the city, after the vote came in shortly before midnight Tuesday. “I’m absolutely elated this evening because the Coeur d’Alene City Council did what we’ve been doing for 30 years now — standing up against discrimination”/Tom Hasslinger, Coeur d’Alene Press. More here.

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