Define perversion, define holy

I went walking for aluminum cans today and ended up going briefly into one of my favorite stores; people who sell all kinds of kitchen gadgets down at the Silverlake Mall Square. So, I started to discuss my book that I am writing, and mentioned bringing biblical scripture into the main theme of the book, that is: who is the “us” who went down to create man in our image. Let alone, why they might choose to do so. Well, a science fiction book, that is why people write what they do. Because it is all about exploring different possibilities and alternative theories. Sometimes, what is written, becomes materially factual. And even further, what gets written in a science fiction book is nothing more than conjecture, an opinion. Factually, that is true of a good many books, even historical novels. So? When you read anything, that is precisely what you will read, what the author thought, the opinions or conjectures that he or she places in writing. Which means, that this being true, I’m not likely to get upset by what the customer in the store said. However, when he went on to discuss a book which he had read and expressed that the authors of this book applied scripture to “alien abductions,” etc.; apparently, he was prepared to take everything they said as factual and practically gospel. Never mind, that he was probably reading a perversion of scripture.

First of all, he was prepared to ascribe certain powers of creation to Satan. —Which the bible never granted. Second, he was prepared to discuss inter-dimensional entities. —Which God never discussed with His chosen people. Finally, third; he wanted to demonize or Satanize alien visits to this planet. —Given Ezekiel’s space ship of Chap. 1, 1 through 28, then I guess that this must also apply to that “Presence of the Lord” in that extraordinary craft. Be careful how you spread out this labeling of how “Satanic” it all is, because it offers a direct challenge to that “inspired word of God.” Nor did he stop there, the “anti-Christ” was Satan himself. If he bothered reading the Book of Revelations, the Anti-Christ” is an individual who can be seen as a highly influential individual. A person, undoubtedly possessing a great deal of power. Only, what he pronounces is a false doctrine, one that actually runs counter to the teachings of Christ. Well, which meant that people of influence or positions of power, who are a little too willing to lead trusting and gullible people down the primrose path, could indeed be such an Anti-Christ given the dire consequences of their actions. The people who wrote the bible-based book on alien visitations could even be anti-Christs.

Then the fellow let his bigotry show for all the world. Biblical scripture never informs us that God might have created more than one Earth when he created the heavens. Well, the bible never said anything about the solar system of nine(?) planets that became part of the heavens along with the sun and the moon. Nor did the Hebrew people, the children of Israel, know that there were other worlds in the heavens besides the Earth they lived on. The technology simply did not exist, then, for that people to have such a knowledge. Given the fact that they were a highly primitive people, they would only know what they saw of the world as it was. You could also apply opinion and conjecture to the pages of the bible. But you could not have told this rigid ideologue that. How would the bible’s writers know for a fact that God created the heavens and the Earth in seven days? The bible wasn’t written until probably some thousands of years after the fact. And that is to give it an entirely generous estimate.However, creating the heavens and the Earth in “seven days” would unquestionably justify the formation of the Jewish religion. If, on the other hand, God created the heavens and a good many Earths over many billions of years, and isn’t done yet; that would definitely shatter what is nothing more than a religious opinion or conjecture. When I expressed to this fellow that in the Qur’ an “all the men of all the worlds,” he abruptly dismissed Mohammed as a guy who had nothing holy about him. He was “just some guy.” Well now, I happen to be an Earth Priest, for all I care, Jesus is just some guy. A teacher, a Rabbi, who threatened the established order because of his liberal, even radical tendencies, and was hung on the cross for that. The people of Israel were just some guys too. And the God they wanted to worship instructed them to lay waste to anyone who didn’t think like them. Somehow, I highly doubt that “Christ” fits into this picture of holocausts, unending war, etc. Not when, by the time of the New Testament (Luke), Christ is telling people to love even their enemies. Blessed are the peacemakers. Says a lot about the guy who wants to read a bunch of baloney from people who probably don’t know anything more about the way things are than do the rest of us, but doesn’t want to read through what the bible actually says himself. Agreed, the bible has to be taken as a whole. It is however doubtful, that the book this fellow was touting, the bible was ever taken as a whole. I chuckled after the dude left the store, this is one fellow who will never read my book. Then again, I may never read the fictional crap that he wants to think is the “truth.” He has a right to believe what he wishes. That is what makes this country a wonderful thing and a place to call home. Regrettably, I highly doubt he appreciates it.


10 Responses to “Define perversion, define holy”

  1. Says:

    Hi there, just wanted to mention, I liked this post.
    It was funny. Keep on posting!

  2. Marguerite R. Maynard Says:

    meanwhile, The purpose of the bible was to tell the story of Jesus beginning with his lineage which starts with adam. it mentions the MEN (the bloodline/seed) who matter the most for the story. therefore its not gonna say god created Tina and Shelly and Tiffany and Keisha and Billy and Robert etc… None of that matters and it shouldnt.

    • jeh15 Says:

      I approved your comment and will have to disagree somewhat with your posted response. It wasn’t until the New Testament that the disciples of Christ wanted to “prove” his lineage all the way back to Adam. Without a DNA test, they couldn’t have said what they did on a factual basis. When you look dispassionately at something like this, what the disciples claimed about Christ has all the elements of a cult-like argument. And given the fact that the New Testament was written many decades after Christ’s death, the cult argument gains new domination.

  3. Damien G. Rodriquez Says:

    The staff and supporters share the vision to harness the Internet for God and freely provide the NET Bible and trustworthy Bible study material to everyone on earth so they become equipped for global impact, able to complete the Great Commission in one generation.

  4. jeh15 Says:

    That’s going to be a tough one to manage. Given the religious diversity throughout the world, you aren’t likely to change too many minds.

  5. Vivian Calhoun Says:

    The late Carl Sagan was respected worldwide as one of this century’s greatest scientists. His many credentials included his tenure as the David Duncan professor of astronomy and space sciences and director of the Laboratory for Planetary Studies at Cornell University. He also wrote 30 books and served as an adviser to NASA on the Mariner , Voyager and Viking unmanned space missions.

  6. Olin Q. Park Says:

    The Bible is the world’s all-time best selling book. About 2.5 billion copies have been printed which are available in over 700 languages. Although the Bible has enjoyed such vast distribution and attention, it is read relatively little. Perhaps part of the reason the Bible is so neglected is the many doubts people have about this unique book. If the Bible came from the mouth of God, then the scriptures are believable when they speak of Jesus Christ and accurate when they touch the realm of science.

  7. jeh15 Says:

    There is always another reason why the bible is neglected: Politics. If the biblical scriptures don’t fit with a particular agenda, then those scriptures will either be challenged or ignored.

  8. Merle Fuller Says:

    f. In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth: This tells us that God used no pre-existing material to create the earth. The ancient Hebrew word bara (created) is specific. It means to create out of nothing, showing that that God created the world out of nothing, not out of Himself. God is separate from His creation. Unlike Eastern and pantheistic perceptions of god, the Bible teaches the universe could perish yet He would remain.

  9. jeh15 Says:

    @Merle Fuller, what is truly hilarious, the Old Testament or Tanakh doesn’t address God in the manner that you do. But, give it enough time, and we do see a lot of new and different interpretations for both the bible and God. So, how did God create the heavens and the Earth out of nothing?

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