All in the day’s snooze

Today, about the most exercise I got was to walk over to Oak Crest’s club house and have some coffee, look at the Super One ad, and check out the letters in the Coeur d’Alene Press. Or later on at around 4 pm to go down to the mail box and get some catalogs that had been delivered. Otherwise, it was work on the Sci Fi novel, get some naps in, watch the news, and work on Farmers’ Market and Fair projects. Well, I did not walk today. It was raining hard when I went to get some coffee. Although, that would not have stopped me from walking. Chatted with the ladies in the park over our weekly kaffee klatche. Described the oldest brother’s interesting attitude about not quite getting things right when it comes to the right forms, documents, or even information when it comes to the dreaded tax time. Well, he didn’t send me the right stuff. He sent forms and schedules related to commercial enterprises and self-employment tax. So, I sent it back to him merely letting him know what these forms and documents were applicable to. As of yet, I haven’t heard from him. I might not hear from him.

I set about making some chocolate chip short bread cookies after I fixed myself some breakfast. Weather started acting pretty severe as soon as I got the first pan of cookies in the oven. Lightning started crackling in the sky and thunder rumbled pretty fiercely. It was also moving from a generally southern direction to the north. A matter of minutes, with concentrated lightning overhead, pea size hail whacking the far side of the mobile home’s windows from where I am currently sitting on the couch, heavy pounding rain; then it blew itself out. KREM 2 News reported that this poor fellow living up on Chase Street in Rathdrum, Idaho, saw his entire property tore up from downed trees. He said it acted like a supercell. From what I saw up at Oak Crest, it wouldn’t be a surprise. Also, given the various directions in which those trees came crashing down, it wouldn’t surprise me at all.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid said that there won’t be an assault weapons’ ban. Yet half the letters to the editors in the “Readers Write” section of the Coeur d’Alene Press all came from people whining that they were going to lose their toys. Only one letter writer had a real question about the Idaho state legislature wanting to dictate “purity” by banning certain kinds of TV shows. Maybe they ought to define what they mean by “purity.” Even further, maybe they need to start with themselves. Otherwise, what the GOP in Congress may not allow in banning assault weapons and certain types of magazine clips, seems the state of Colorado now has a law that does what the Congress won’t do. I do believe that Colorado is GOP friendly, even further, a gun happy state. But after that theater shooting in Aurora, Colorado; it seems lots of folks are getting pretty fed up with being turned into targets. The only folks who’ll be upset are the NRA types. I also highly doubt that Colorado bills itself as a “socialist” state.

I am into the 10th chapter of my book. I don’t know now how many people might recall the alien abduction movement. I do recall some editorial or article in one of the weekly news magazines that treated the whole idea of an alien abduction with quite a bit of derision. What the author wanted to see, was aliens come down from their U.F.O. and go into an ice cream parlor and order a cone a piece. That idea stayed with me a long time. So, now I am putting into the 10th chapter, American born space aliens are talking a space born space alien into eating some Chinese take out. No, I don’t recall what news magazine, or what author. But, I will give him credit where it is due and thank him for the idea.

In other news, someone is claiming that chemical weapons were used on Syrian rebels. The POTUS’ armored limo broke down because the driver put in the wrong fuel. I hope that isn’t a sufficient firing offense. The threat of Iran obtaining a nuclear weapon is on the horizon. And President Obama stands firm with Israel.


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