Alternate Theories

In the latest edition of “The Inlander” can be found the following letter:


THEORY ONE: The Dems are still blinded by their love for a president that preaches class warfare every time he opens his mouth. The Haves vs the Have-nots. The Providers vs the Dependents. If the president says the economy is booming, we’ve won the battle against terrorism, we’ve found new ways to subsidize the unproductive, the mass media (MSNBC, CBS, ABC, CNN) shout, “Amen brother, whatever you said, Amen!” News Flash. The election is over with and we’re all getting sick of it.

THEORY TWO: We are witnessing the death spiral of Democracy, of a society that rewards ambitious, hard-working productive individuals. (Can you say dependency?) The GOP leaders need to continue to fight for the things that made/make our country great. The scary part is if they don’t, the ship of state will be caught up in a whirlpool of socialism.

THEORY THREE Sequester was Obama’s idea to begin with. (One of his better ideas) The GOP called his bluff and now he is wailing “the sky is falling!” And, as your column parrots, “750,000 jobs will be killed, our national security will be threatened, etc.” Exagerations and flat out lies. Let this guy (the president) continue to fill the air with threats to the “rich” and promises to all the rest and the country will be buried even deeper in debt. God help us.

Chuck Heaton

Spokane, Wash.

And here I thought I had a few medical issues inclusive of PTSD. Under the circumstances of “The Inlander” publishing a letter from a fellow taking a flying leap off the deep end, this becomes the latest topic for the blog today.

Let us first start with the fact that there are no actual “three theories” in this letter. instead, the letter is all about attacking the Democrats (1), the news media that does not have a love affair with President Obama (2), and an opportunity to attack (the guy) more directly (3). Yeah, actually Mr. Heaton, the election is over with and we are getting sick of all the whining that your guy didn’t win. Now for the rest of his letter, exactly whom does he mean by productive members of society? Even if I don’t work (for health reasons) for an employer; I am still a productive member of society. I am self-employed as far as my Farmers’ Market is concerned, and on a nearly daily basis, I go out and collect aluminum cans. Especially the latter, the recycled trash that people tend to throw out onto the sides of the roads, in people’s yards, out in the fields, etc.; my collecting them and turning them in results in someone else having a job. But, I’ll bet Mr. Heaton, if he saw me out and about in Kootenai County, wouldn’t recognize a productive member of society if he saw one. Just as a lot of other people don’t seem to. Either they see me as a homeless person who needs a few dollars so that they can momentarily satisfy their conscious. Or there are people who think they can sneer or verbally attack just because they see me collecting trash and doing some environmental clean up. So, define the productive. Is that the guy who might have started a business, had people invest in his start up costs, hiring employees, selling the products or services? Or are the productive people his employees who made the products and provided the services? Are the productive people those who also because of employment, were able to buy the products and services? The GOP, whom Mr. Heaton wants to extoll the virtues of, aren’t exactly into rewarding productive people. Quite the contrary, they saw the sequester as an opportunity to get back at the country that refused to put Romney into office. Sorry about that, Mr. Heaton.

Of those 750,000 jobs slated to disappear because of the sequester, I believe that a large percentage of them has to do with defense spending. Yeah, like I said, the GOP do not mind getting back at productive members of society as long as they can “do a number” on the President. Not exactly a society that rewards the productive as long as the ideologues rule the roost over those capable of exercising intelligence and common sense. And if the ideologues won’t reward the productive, don’t they create dependency? And if they create the potential for dependency, wouldn’t that lead to socialism? Then the actual facts of the GOP leadership is, that they are counter-productive to what would in fact make this nation great.

The real alternative theory is Robert Herold’s commentary about the “Invisible Congress“. Effectively, a Congress that does nothing except go on vacation. Oh yeah, and expect the taxpayers to pick up the tab for no work. The GOP leadership, whom Heaton thinks so highly of, are among the most unproductive of this society today. Not only that, but they are the first among the takers, the dependents; where they still expect a paycheck for not representing the people who voted for them. They are also going to plead being among the have-nots when it is expedient for them to do so, on the behalf of the special interests. Oh yeah, and they are also going to whine about “class warfare,” the very moment the rich are called upon to invest in this nation. But, I don’t guess that the class warfare argument works the other way, when the taxpaying public has to pick up the tab for the rich folks subsidies, tax breaks, etc. Heaton’s main argument is that ignorance is much preferrable to fact and knowledge. He is so blindly in love with his ideology that he pays no attention to the real world around him. If there is a symptom of a Democracy going into a death spiral, Heaton’s letter would be one of them.


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