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The Republicans don’t want to hike taxes and prefer deep spending cuts, the President wants an increase in taxes to off-set hard to swallow deep spending cuts. Neither side wants to talk to the other and the GOP wants to blather away a whole lot of inane talking points. I will gather, that the talking points are more preferable than exercising some intelligent thinking. Or for that matter, adult behavior. So, on this blog, I’ll do some talking.

Let’s start with the members of Congress who are privately wealthy. Well, most of them are. Then, I am sure that they could reduce their tax paid for salaries to $1.00 a day for every day they bother showing up for work. They could very easily live on their private wealth. If they refuse to do the business of the people, they shouldn’t even get that $1.00 a day. Their respective office spaces should be filled with used furniture bought on the cheap. Every piece of office equipment ought to be cheap, used, utilitarian at best. We shouldn’t even be hearing about millions of dollars in personal upgrades at any of the capitol buildings in Washington, D.C. Next, all members of Congress need to dig into their personal wealth to take care of their own health care, travel to and from their states/districts to their offices in Washington, D.C. They should not expect the taxpayer to take care of it for them.

Next, let us examine tax shelters, eliminate them. Subsidies that aren’t utilized by your mom and dad’s family farm, eliminate them. Apply market values to cattle ranchers who want to graze their live stock on public land. Apply market values to resource mining operations. Because these big business operations are very much dependent on the sort of federal laws that reduce substantially operational fees for utilizing these public lands in the first place. After all, “the taker society” also includes the kind of people whom the GOP don’t want to raise any more taxes on. And yet, the business interests, the wealthy probably take the largest chunk of change that puts the federal government on a borrowing binge. But they don’t want to put that money back into this country.

I can recall when President Reagan did a lot of harping on waste, fraud, and abuse in government spending— that included defense spending itself. Bet the cost over-runs haven’t ended, have they? You just don’t hear as much about them since the Reagan era. Before the GOP creates a financial fiasco that hampers the “War on Terror,” they should consider doing a lot of investigation into cleaning up some of that waste, fraud, and abuse that is likely still on-going in the defense industry.

Oh yeah, very rich corporations and super rich individuals pay big money to members of Congress to guarantee that they can continue to suckle on the public teet. Which means, that grannies, the poor, sick or disadvantaged children should get the ax, is that it? You couldn’t begin to make the cuts of this sort that would equal or exceed what the taxpayers are having to distribute in tax dollars to megacorporations, etc. So, bottom line: if you believe that longer lines are going to appear at still open airports, put off those vacation travel plans and proceed to mark the date for the next election year to begin. That is when you vote for the opponent of the dude you no longer want in office. If flu and whooping cough medicine is harder to come by, then throwing the bums out will be easy once your elderly neighbor ends up being dangerously sick or your child is near death from the whooping cough. Just remember, the megacorporations like to buy these Congressional seats, but it is you the voter who decide if you’d still like in office the Politician hell-bent on screwing you over. It becomes your problem if you vote the guy in who spouts garbage but refuses to represent you.


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