Still defending Regan

At least half the letters to the editors in the Coeur d’Alene Press involved writers coming to the defense of Brent Regan. In fact, at least one of the letter writers declared that Obama had earned the “scary” title. Not exactly, in my opinion. Obama’s a Democrat, the people writing in Regan’s defense are Republican. Given the nature of extreme politics locally, the GOP are simply projecting “scary” onto the President just because.

The commenters at Huckleberries online wanted an end to Regan constantly getting a public spanking. Sure, that can always happen. On the other hand, the long knives can be drawn on the Kootenai County Human Rights Task Force for even daring to demand that Regan behave like a civilized human being. So, as long as the letter writers insist on keeping Regan in the news. Then as far as I am concerned, he can continue to take a public spanking.

Or, the Coeur d’Alene Press should finally tell the whiners that it is time they dropped the chattering about how old Regan was somehow “victimized” by being told to man up and accept some responsibility for his actions and comments. Not only that, but they should move on and find something more newsworthy to discuss now that the story on Regan has pretty much run its course.

If it has become a “beating of a dead horse” at Huckleberries online; then it can’t be any less so at the print edition of the Coeur d’Alene Press. But, I suppose that the Press will be running letters in support of Regan until doomsday, or until the man retires from his current position… Which ever comes first. But, there is still a problem with this thinking that lies behind these letters. I wonder if the letter writers ever visit a school, any school in the Kootenai County area and notice that the school kids aren’t just one race or one religion? What Regan says as a “joke” about the President is easily something that he could say in an equally crude manner about those school kids. How well would that sit with the parents? I truly doubt it.

What Tony Stewart said about Regan was very appropriate for its time. It is time the letter writers moved on.


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