Looking for scapegoats

The latest George Nethercutt actually did start off fairly decently (The Inlander—14 through 20, February 2013), but then he engaged in the typical Obama bashing. As though President Obama can be “blamed” for why Congress has such a low approval rating or even why teenagers prefer to text than talk. There are a few points that Nethercutt could take into consideration: First, he could listen a little more often to Jon Stewart. Second, he could listen more often to the Congressional GOP. Especially that “how hypocritical and a liar can I get” rebuttal from Marco Rubio, after Obama’s State of the Union speech. Finally, he could even take a gander at the particularly childish temperament from the GOP Senators who’d hold up the SecDef nomination of Chuck Hagel “because they want more information from Behngazi (sic).” What does that have to do with anything? Where as before, they wanted to complain about comments he made about Israel and the Jewish lobby. Make that, they just want to find something to have a snit over. So, instead of “Obama getting off his high horse”—Nethercutt; how about the GOP simply growing up?

I could even direct Mr. Nethercutt to the typically crappy letters found in the Coeur d’Alene Press. I expect that Jesse Robbins is a neighbor of mine. He throws in this “reverse racism” talking point about the United Negro College Fund and goes on to wonder why the same thing isn’t done for white folks? Or NAACP, but why not white folks? I expect you can get the drift by now. I’d suggest he read a little history. African-Americans didn’t exactly come here voluntarily. After they were freed from slavery by Abraham Lincoln in his emancipation proclamation, they weren’t exactly welcomed by white folks. Anything that they have gained in the centuries since then, has been through impossible odds, constant struggle, blood, sweat, and tears. By comparison? White folks just about had everything handed to them on a silver platter. Outside of the Revolutionary War, the Civil War, etc.; the white folks didn’t have those tough times of being in a minority status—until now. My argument is, we don’t force others to shoulder the burden that is ours alone to bear. And Robbins as well as Nethercutt needs to realize that “Love thy neighbor as thyself” is actually a moral law, not an option. Nor does it say anywhere that you don’t have to “love” someone for being of the wrong color, faith, creed, etc.

In other letters, Dale Hedman of Hayden, Idaho, takes the wrong message from the Book of Judges. A prophetess tells a guy that if you do this as I prophecy to you, then you will have no problem taking out some pretty serious enemies. Only this commander of troops refuses to listen and won’t do the bidding of the Lord’s Word. So the Prophetess ultimately shames the guy by doing the work herself and takes out that enemy of Israel. Moral bottom line, just because you have political issues with the idea that women can be in combat; just don’t lie about God’s Word. Then again, women face the constant threat of violence against themselves that is expressed in many forms. Is that quite all right if they simply become victims? But it isn’t all right if they defend this nation? All Judges said in that specific scripture was that this commander was a coward and a fool. He used the excuse of a prophetess giving him “marching orders” as a rationale for not going into combat. The heavens forbid that he’d ever go into combat out of a need to defend his wife and daughters!

And then we have Karen Putnam who screams in capital letters throughout her nonsensical letter comparing a brutal murder of a pregnant woman with abortion. Uh, I’ll assume the pregnant woman had no intentions of having an abortion at the time of her brutal murder. But the person who took her/their lives by what ever rationale, held the sort of contempt for life that may only occur in a percentage of abortions. Other abortions are medical in nature such as still birth, death of the fetus, spontaneous abortion (miscarriage), the woman at great risk if she tries to carry the pregnancy to term. So, in all of the above cases, how do you classify this as murder? Ms. Putnam should read the Tanakh thoroughly and explore at length what God had no problem with when it came to the deaths of women and children. The point is, constantly pounding the dead horse of abortion just because it is part of the political landscape, does tend to take away from the tragedies that occur. Nor does it provide any answers to those tragedies. How about a little human compassion? Yeah, if Nethercutt were to actually read letters such as these, maybe he’d quit blaming Obama. The GOP have only themselves to blame for why they lost in 2012 to a guy with a: funny name, dad not born in the U.S., African-American, and a Democrat. Oh, and Nethercutt, maybe you ought to take a look at all that gerrymandering that goes on. Which assures the loser gets returned to office time after time. No, it isn’t on account of “popularity.” It’s because that member of Congress has a safe seat and plenty of special interests bankrolling his or her re-election bid. Get real.


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