Payola Politics

I read through Ted S. McGregor’s editorial in “The Inlander,” concerning the “Con” in “Conservative.” The Week of January 10 through 16, 2013. It got me to thinking about what McGregor had to say about payola prosecutions. Disc Jockey Alan Freed was initially discussed in the editorial as a fellow who ultimately got busted for taking money to play certain records. His rise and fall in the entertainment world for basically engaging in corrupt practices. So, let me get this straight, a DJ gets paid to hawk certain records, it increases the potential for the audience to buy the records based on the familiarity of the content. It increases the chances of a singer/song writer/band’s opportunity to get “instant stardom,” Grammy awards, platinum records, and drive the competition (competing singer/song writer/band and of course record label) into the dust. An unfair practice? Absolutely. Which is why payola prosecutions did happen back then. Because people did have a right to decide what music they wanted to hear instead of a corrupt DJ taking money to tell them what to buy.

It was after McGregor told his readers about the fate of DJ Freed, that he went on to discuss “FreedomWorks,” and the tremendous amount of money it pays out to people like Rush Limbaugh among others. They get seven figure salaries direct from PACs and etc. to spout pure insanity on the airwaves, so McGregor opines. Well, this is what I have to say about the latter part of his editorial; does it really matter? This is what people choose to listen to! Further, this is what they want to open their checkbooks for. They’ll pay out a hefty amount of money to listen to red-faced spouting of pure insanity. This isn’t a record company trying to unfairly compete against any form of competition, the “customers” are all for buying the garbage even though there are competing world views out there. All I have to say, is its nice to have all that money. Then to go around “pleading poverty” if your payroll tax say, goes up 2% and suddenly you are whining on a 50,000 annual income that you can’t afford coats, shoes, etc. for your kids. But I guess you could shell out those dollars for “FreedomWorks” to then shell out even more money for Limbaugh and company to go off the deep end in radical politics. I guess that the kids come second to “FreedomWorks.”

So this is where the tires meet the road: people of America, meet me at this blog. You who still have jobs and have enough income to meet your bills and basic necessities; Rush Limbaugh doesn’t need your money. These PACs that push an ideology that isn’t doing this nation one damned bit of good, doesn’t need your money. You need your money to save for your retirement, to invest in your kids having an education, to make it possible for your kids to find employment. If you actually withheld that money being handed to the likes of “FreedomWorks” and actually recognized where your priorities in life really were; you might actually discover the hype disappearing off the TV screens. Money fuels personalities on radio and TV spouting going-off-the-cliff politics. Just as money fuels politicians refusing to actually represent this nation and the needs of its citizens. Refusing to “buy” this garbage in the first place, reduces the cash flow to this form of corruption. Maybe you could go on that vacation to Disneyland or where ever if you put the money forward to meet your own needs first. You could probably afford a lot of things, if you weren’t feeding the cycle of corruption. Something to think about.

So maybe we don’t do payola prosecutions anymore even though we face strong evidence of corruption in politics. Corruption in what we listen to on the airwaves. So? We don’t have to write a check to it though, do we now? That’s our choice in the matter.


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