A few good points can be made

Robert Herold of “The Inlander” provided something of an historical take on this country’s gun culture. Especially in the aftermath of the mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School. Quite frankly I personally have to question the rationality for ideology over human life, toys over kids. As I am quite sure that the gun nuts might even go so far as to oppose abortion. But they don’t oppose just anyone getting a weapon and ultimately blowing away children. Or they will look for scapegoats instead of recognizing personal responsibility.

“The Daily Show with Jon Stewart” was back a full week after the New Year. He wasn’t exactly impressed with the Republicans in Congress when it came to the “fiscal cliff” or emergency financial relief for the victims of Hurricane Sandy. Mr. Stewart actually was wishing that the Mayan Calendar had done its thing. Then we wouldn’t have to put up with the nonsense. In my last post, I highly suspect that the Mayan Calendar had done its thing. But in this brand new era (if you wish to put it that way), people aren’t perfect. And extreme politics along with the attendant hypocrisy, makes jackasses of a lot of people.

You don’t have to like a person’s personal opinions and still recognize that he or she has the capacity to do an effective job. When it comes to Chuck Hagel, once a member of Congress and whom President Obama now wants to run the Department of Defense, the man is a Republican, and suddenly Republicans are totally in opposition to the idea that Hagel can do the job. Not because of any qualifications or the lack thereof, but because they don’t like the opinions Hagel has expressed. Well now, maybe I don’t like the opinions of the GOP who after whining about Representative Boehner and the raw deal he was giving them to avoid the “fiscal cliff,” still managed to re-elect him to the Speaker of the House. If they can live with Boehner for the next two years, they can live with Hagel over the next four years of Obama’s second term in office. As always, it isn’t about the man Obama wants to appoint, it is about Obama. So is this so much about politics or is it about recurring bigotry?

Working on my sci fi novel until fairly late and going outside just once to see what the weather was doing. The snow was coming down in earnest. By the time I do get up the next day, it has piled up high and deep. It still keeps coming. Absolutely not will I plan to shovel this muck until it stops snowing. By then, the weather has warmed into the mid thirties and what had been six or seven inches of snow had compacted at least a good two inches. I figure that I shoveled a good hour: my section of the sidewalk and driveway, deck and steps before I could put my old shovel back inside the mobile home. Heavy wads of snow have come sliding off the metal roof during the time that I was shoveling. And later on in the evening. A real heavy clatter at one point that just really spooked my cats. Problem was, the weather forecast was not for quite that amount of snow. Well, we got it. Now if it were to rain and clear the roads up some, I’d be able to get out and walk again.


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