Doomsday: No!

A few words about the Mayan Calendar: it is open to interpretation. So, people across the world, make what you will of that. The Mayans, through their calendar predicted certain eras, the times in which those eras would come and go. At a certain point, they gave their calendar an end date. There could be a lot of different reasons for that. After a certain point, the Mayans did not have the scientific calculations to continue the calendar period beyond 21 December 2012. That would be one possibility. But, I do know this, that just because a calendar ends, doesn’t mean that time itself ends.

In the night, in the early morning hours of the 21st of December, as I finish wrapping up reading and revising the novel I am writing via laptop, there is this remarkable stillness that seems to cover the land. Laying like a shroud over the landscape. I get ready to go to bed on the love seat in the living area of my mobile home, and my two cats are acting like they are on the verge of panic. Meowing, clawing at things, finally getting my front storage and plant room door open and hustle inside. I chase them out and firmly close the door. They are still acting like they are in some kind of panic. So, I keep coaxing them to come over and cuddle up with me. Eventually, they come and join me. Although they are extremely reluctant to do so. I get in a bit of sleep and can relate this, that this preternatural stillness lasted for many hours. I finally get up, go to the bathroom, and get myself a drink and some biscuits to snack on. Still quite tired, the cats fussing about, the cold I was suffering from, a late night; I lay back down soon afterwards with the intentions of getting some more sleep. It was already dawn, but; out to the east this remarkable glow suffusing the atmosphere, it seemed to just permeate everything. If the dawn of a new era could have that kind of effect, this would be it. Quite frankly, I don’t think the Mayans were wrong. The eras they spoke of went through their course in the time allotted to them. We now enter into something that is totally new and unknown. Where the decisions that humanity makes from now on, has an effect with possible repercussions for a future that perhaps none may see. And history will have to guide us, the generations that follow, for what happened and even why as to the causes and effects of their present time.

A long time ago, there was what was called the scientific theory of multiple universes, or even, alternative universes. The idea was, that perhaps a point of crisis might precipitate a division with two possible outcomes. Perhaps even the thousands, nay millions, of individual decisions could precipitate different outcomes. Thus, the potential for thousands of “Earths” in thousands of “universes” would be possible. About the only people who took up this theory and brought it to life were sci fi and fantasy novelists. “The Golden Compass,” “The Subtle Knife,” and the “Amber Spyglass,” explored this theory at length. Looking back at what I was witness too in the early morning of 21/12/2012; cue in the music of the “Twilight Zone” here; have been such a “rift” in the universe?

Before 21 December, I would have these periodic “visions” of walking alone in a vast wasteland. Where once there was a thriving civilization, it had since then been reduced to rubble. Two days now, since the end of the Mayan Calendar, those visions are also fading. If a “world or universal rift” did occur on 21 December; we are now accelerating away from that possible outcome by two days. Why? Whether people can believe that theory has validity or not, it is a fact that humans do influence their own history as well as their future. Each decision made, whether large or small, magnificent to insignificant; plays an absolute roll in what future human society can have. So, for an example: What if Abraham Lincoln had not been born. Or what if he never chose to enter politics. Or as a politician seeking the office of the Presidency, what if the American electorate simply preferred another man become the President instead? Possible outcome? Slavery would have reached a point of crisis, that without a Lincoln at the helm, could have easily torn apart this nation in a way that society might not have fully recovered from. There probably would have been a civil war over slavery, but without a Lincoln, this nation might not have healed from such a war and moved on. Nor might it have survived as the U.S.A. That is something to be thought about. The defining point or decision point in that period of time in the mid eighteen hundreds placed this nation on a new trajectory. I will suggest, that when the voters returned President Obama to office at a time when multiples of crises are possible; their decision had also placed the future of this nation on a new trajectory. The problems this nation faces are actually manageable, solvable. It is simply “we” who needs to get off our butts and do something about it. I have faith in my fellow man. I believe we can.


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