Let’s get real!

Last week, Jon Stewart on his “Daily Show,” highlighted the latest Fox News whine about the “War on Christmas.” That was because Sacramento, California decided that a Nativity scene would no longer be displayed on public property. I’ll assume that was the case, anyway. On the other hand, churches, businesses, and private residences continue to display the Nativity scene or anything else they like clear across the nation. And Fox News, by the way, said nothing about that. What Jon Stewart said however, was notice how big “Christmas” has gotten to the point that
it is literally swallowing up the preceding holiday, Thanksgiving, with “Black Friday” shopping on that very afternoon. Maybe, the real “War on Christmas” has far more to do with business interests wanting to make a massive profit over and above the message that Jesus’ birth was supposed to bring. Entice the consumers to come bursting through the doors with real cheap doodads for a few hours overnight, or in the early morning hours, and watch the customer base punch each other out over who gets the last 50″ 3D TV. — Joy to the world, the savior’s born… Apparently, Fox News has no quibble about that.

I went to a “Black Friday” event at Fred Meyers, and picked up a cheap movie for myself and a couple of kids’ games for the Toys For Tots basket. Any other Yuletide gifts, I’ll make them because I have lots of yarn that can be used and crochet hooks sitting around waiting to be used. And really, only one neighbor whom I’ll plan on giving a gift bag to anyway. For myself, the very best holiday I can have now, is where I can be among people who happen to be friendly and show some genuine concern. That goes well beyond shopping for cheap “Black Friday” gewgaws and whatchamacallits. I don’t need more than this.

When it comes to the “fiscal cliff,” CBS Evening News gave us a rather intimate portrayal of “struggling families,” who make a $50,000.00 to $70,000.00 in annual income on how much more they will financially hurt should income taxes or payroll taxes rise on the first of January 2013. Uh, they might have to shell out a few thousand dollars more. Nothing was said about what was supposed to make them “struggle” on income like that. But my advise as a former Sales Associate for J.C. Penney who by May of 2012 had only made $1,100.00 (about) before I quit working for them, maybe you could cut out the vacations and quit trying to keep up with the Jones’s. Prioritizing what is most important to you, to include new shoes, clothing, and etc. for your kids. Putting something aside in savings, cutting back on unnecessary frivolities, and I’m sure these “struggling families,” could manage just fine. There are, on the other hand, a lot more people who don’t make that kind of money, aren’t guaranteed a stable income of any sort, nor are they guaranteed to have a home of their own. Scott Pelley, couldn’t be bothered addressing something like that.

There is one thing about being a U.S. Army veteran and getting shuttled back and forth to the V.A. Hospital, you get to meet some very interesting people. That includes, a veteran who is making use of an outreach program to help homeless vets camped out in the woods adjacent to the Silver Lake Mall. He was telling us, myself and the van driver all about what they were trying to do for these vets. I think it is a good thing. A far better subject about what can and should be done on their behalf and far more in the spirit of the season than any “Black Friday” sell-a-thon. I wish him the best of luck in looking after the lost sheep who truly do deserve our goodwill.

Letter in the Wednesday paper, in which I finally find out exactly why the ACLU could get slimed with the innuendo of “communism.” Seems that certain statements were “attributed” to one of its presidents. But the CDA Press did manage to (this time) point out that there is no evidence the ACLU President in question ever actually said what has since been claimed to him. But, when it comes to the world of politics, who cares what the truth and the facts are. What better way to attack a people who have some legitimate reasons for challenging some very real problems in this society today, than by claiming that they are somehow “socialist” or “communist?” Is that how and why it takes so much longer to achieve a truly moral high ground? We justify the wrongs we do by calling it “conservative.”

A former neighbor of mine back in Dalton Gardens circled 21 December 2012 on his calendar. Oh, he’s quite serious about it all. For myself, I’ll not choose to belittle the man for what might be called “mistaken views.” In a way, he could be right. However, the “global disaster” or even world-changing upheavals have been going on for some time. Civil strife, religious and political arguments, technology that replaces “new inventions,” developed only a few months earlier, the fact that President Barack H. Obama is still president, Gay Marriage is legal in the state of Washington. We are embroiled in massive changes and transitions while the doomsdayers keep looking for “Christ in the clouds.” I told my friend—he likes to save up aluminum cans for me to take and sell— that this country will in fact survive. However, after the pro-gay marriage vote in Washington state, there may be a real question about whether religious extremism will. Or for that matter, political extremism. Only time will tell.


4 Responses to “Let’s get real!”

  1. Wendy78 Says:

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  2. apparentlyevil Says:

    Wow you get to tell me what to do with my 50,000 that I have worked for – and that I should cut some things out and I”ll be just fine. Must be nice to be so above everything. You have no idea I guess that I’m supporting my aging parents that can barely make it or my disabled sister that I take care of. Must be nice to have it all figured out. In the meantime obama and boehner have no regard for me – a “rich person?” to you making 50,000 a year? Come try to do what I’m doing with that MINUS the taxes I’m paying and the MORE taxes I’m going to pay and THEN tell me I have it too good.


    • jeh15 Says:

      Dear Apparently Evil. Should you, you hostile and whiny jerk come back to check to see if your comment has been approved, it has.

      I have a question for you, exactly why do you figure that I regard you possessing an annual salary of $50,000 which you worked for, as making you an “evil” person. This blog is a suggestion that in particularly tough economic times, there might be certain priorities such as seeing to clothing, shoes, health care, etc. for one’s own family! Instead of paying second or third mortgages, buying the latest toys… If you had bothered to actually pay attention. Managing one’s money is something I learned about from my depression era mother. The very fact that she managed her money very well is exactly why, I who would otherwise be deeply in poverty, actually have an inheritance.

      You don’t say whether your aging parents have some kind of Social Security stipend. You don’t suggest that they might have some savings and investments. You also don’t suggest whether you have family members who can help you with any financial load.

      Instead, you choose my commentary to behave like a child. Well, I “approved” what you had to say so that you claims of being some kind of “victim” here gets full publicity. Now, you can get real.

  3. jeh15 Says:

    I’ll finally add, “evil” that I am hardly above anything. You have no idea about what sort of life I actually did have. You aren’t facing “hard times” if you are actually able to do something on the behalf of your own family. Nor should you whine about President Obama who’d definitely like for you to not see a hike in taxes. However, if you voted GOP in the last election, you should have something to say about the people who out of political spite, would let your taxes get raised by default.

    I’d suggest, that as long as you have a job, you do have that much of a salary, count your blessings. You are better off than many.

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