Not a class act

I have been working about daily on my screwy sci fi novel and so haven’t been back here for awhile. However, more than a week since my last blog post; I am still gnawing on the pure politics not only with regard to the “fiscal cliff” but also with U.N. Ambassador Rice being the putative nominee for the Secretary of State. The politics of childish tantrum throwing that Obama won a second term.

And on the local level there are still over the top and demonstrating a whole lot of ignorance as usual, the rants from the neo-radicals such as Mr. Membury who can’t wait to toss a lot of hostile aspersions toward people he doesn’t even know the first thing about. And why is that? Because they didn’t vote for Romney?

I actually liked far better what Mary Lou Reed had to say in “The Inlander,” as of last week—The Holiday Guide edition. She had a great deal to say about how our current society could do a great deal to help the less fortunate. So, here are a few things I have tried to do to assist whenever possible:

  • When “Black Friday” rolled around, I bought a couple of children’s games/puzzles as well as a real cheap DVD for myself and put the games/puzzles in the Toys for Tots box.
  • I contribute to the food drive when possible.
  • I refuse to be impatient about things.

What was really hilarious was what I saw published in the same 28 November 2012 edition of the Coeur d’Alene Press, where that author regarded the GOP as being the Party on the side of God. Quite frankly, I’d have no idea what sort of “God” that the author thinks would even tolerate the sort of vile contretemps that has taken the place of reason and some sense of intelligent thinking, but it can’t be the same one who gave us the guy who only said: What you do even unto the least among us, you do even unto me. I think that it is time that these guys who write such vile crap and have it published in the letters columns; and started considering the people around them. That as Ms. Reed said, lack tables of their own.

After all, these people who act like the worst sort of spoiled brats when they send in the letters to be published could remember that they do have a home. Obama being in office actually did not cost them an address. They obviously must get three square meals a day to have the time and opportunity to complain about everyone around them. If they didn’t know where their next meal was coming from, would they even have the luxury of complaining about anything? They are obviously able to hold stable jobs, not so true for others. There are so many ways they really could be counting their blessings; and instead, they simply act like a bunch of children. People constantly whining that they aren’t getting their way on everything. And if they did, they would still never be happy! So, about the only thing I can say is, the office here at Oak Crest puts their copy of the Press in the library, I come in for Wednesday coffees and check out the ads. I glance over the letters and am glad to relate, that The Press will be one subscription that I never bother with. Too much garbage being dumped on the letters columns for my peace of mind.

Now about that book, I am currently getting into the fourth chapter. I am considering publishing it to flash drive and considering whether to sell it that way.


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