The Dinosaur Factor

After President Barack Obama’s successful re-election bid; you’d think that the GOP would start growing up and facing reality: 1. It is re-affirmed that this nation is a Democracy. 2. There actually is more than one political party, not just shades or varieties of Republican. 3. If certified bigots are going to constantly attack, over a four year period, the first minority elected to the Presidency, they aren’t likely to gain the trust and confidence of minorities in general. If you are going to put members of the Republican party into elected office based on where they stand religiously speaking, at least they should have a better understanding of the bible they want to beat instead of trying to twist it, or pervert what presumably God wants. 5. What ever is supposed to be meant by “American values,” I am certain that it involves more than one man’s opinion or the opinions of an extreme faction of the GOP. And 6. Instead of projecting how people have lost faith in self and religion and place all their trust in the state onto “the other guys” who voted for Obama, how about simply recognizing that when you want government to further a religious agenda, you are in fact placing your trust in the state. This is why Obama won a second time, and also why some 18,000 residents of Kootenai County (9 November 2012 Coeur d’Alene Press) could vote for him. Jeff Ward of the Reagan Republicans can cry all he wants to, but the reasons why the GOP didn’t gain a take over of Congress (House of Representatives and the Senate) as they desired, actually lost seats to the Democrats, and were unable to gain the presidency, can be laid at the GOP door step. It has absolutely nothing to do with academia, or the so-called bias of the news media. It is time that the party of personal responsibility accepted personal responsibility, instead of creating fantasy enemies to blame it all on.

I read the article published in the Coeur d’Alene Press titled: Republicans look to the future. Jeff Ward basically argues the need to educate people away from voting for any other party than his own. To simply march in lock step with his agenda. In a democracy such as this, people actually don’t have to do so, they are free to disagree, to think however they like. Mr. Ward presents a world view that is contrary to the nation in which he lives and has greatly benefited for being a citizen of it. He isn’t a “captive” of this nation or the state that all of us went to the polls of our own free will to elect and have represent us. If he truly hates this country then he is free to leave it at any time. However, if he is only going to hate the state as long as “the wrong party is in charge,” then we who are only his fellow Americans and neighbors have a serious problem with him. I quite frankly do not believe that Ward would understand “American values” if it was to stare him in the face.

Prior to the article published in today’s Press, George Nethercutt opined about election day 6 November 2012. And after first roundly attacking that “failed President” (Get a clue, Nethercutt, he won, right?), Nethercutt wants to set specific standards for any candidate aspiring to the office of the U.S. Presidency. Under the circumstances, Nethercutt’s offer of “standards,” would disqualify most any person who sought the position, especially among the Republicans. And given the fact that Obama is in fact a well-educated man would indeed be more than qualified to take the position. Nethercutt’s problem is like that of anyone else who has an underlying prejudice (He can’t be qualified because of his race!) When I saw Nethercutt’s guest editorial in “The Inlander” I howled with laughter. Isn’t it time that Nethercutt quit being such a child and finally grew up? According to what he basically argues, he doesn’t even want minorities running for the office of the President of the United states. After Barack Obama successfully does so, twice. So now we need to find a way to keep the White House safe in the hands of white “Christians.”

If “American values” are supposed to be primarily based on one’s religious beliefs, then I can see where two very politically active men: Jeff Ward and George Nethercutt have just completely perverted what those religious values should actually mean. And it also begs the question of how long the “Grand Old Party” is going to survive with extremist thinking of this sort. The Republicans as increasingly extinct dinosaurs is finally becoming more than possible.


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