How not to run a campaign

Election day 2012 is now over and the major news channels have projected that Barack H. Obama will keep his office of the U.S. Presidency. Really, was there any doubt? On the other hand, Mitt Romney was only his own worst enemy.

Looking back over the past year, when a large field of Republicans gathered together at various debates in order to show the general electorate what sorts of jokes, losers, and utter clowns they could be, only a very few members of the field in general would actually have been worth my while to even vote for. Only, the actually decent guys dropped out early, and the jokes, losers, and clowns kept right on coming. Which begs the question: which priority did the radical new left of the GOP really have to really get something screwed up? Obama hatred? “TEA Party” mandates? Loyalty pledges over and above serving the interests of the people who voted for them? Working at not representing the people of their district and their state? Or was it the constant two year old whining coming from Faux News that was often frequently interrupted by childish jeering? The fact that all this became fodder for the comedy mill says a lot about what we as a nation would truly lose if we were only to elect people who could be the subject of derision and mockery.

There were two things that favored Obama this time around: first, right after the last debate he had with Romney, he as a sitting president, sits down to be interviewed by Jon Stewart. President Obama holds up well to the kind of grilling that Stewart gives him and gives some very clear and direct answers to Stewart’s criticisms. Second, Super storm Sandy in which Obama suspends his campaign and begins directing the necessary assistance into the suffering region of the North East. Only after he is assured that these people are getting the help they need, then he returns to his campaign. Unlike his predecessor, GW, Obama isn’t prepared to ignore a looming emergency on this scale. This close to 6 November 2012, people are going to remember that.

The fact that the Faux News punditry were talking a lot of B.S., sneering and jeering at everything Obama had to say, no doubt had a lot to do with why the voters decided to go with our current President. The Crossroads GPS ad that aired right before election day 2012, looked like it was missing reality by a mile, and may even have backfired. I certainly wasn’t convinced to vote for Romney under the circumstances.

Remember the pro-Props 1,2,3 that featured Mitt Romney versus the public teachers’ unions? That would have told most Idaho voters one thing, the Luna laws had nothing to do with improving education for Idaho’s children and it really was only about union busting/anti-worker legislation. Where Idaho is already a low wage state, that can’t set very well with a lot of people. Putting rich guy Romney up to endorsing something that is clearly anti-worker, where Romney has already made his investments at being anti-worker, and that is surely going to sink the Luna laws in the only polls that matter. Huckleberries Online hosted by Dave Oliveria is providing an up to date run down on where these propositions currently stand. For 6 November 2012.

Yes, I voted. I helped to elect someone who has faced enormous tests and challenges and actually managed to come through on most everything he said he would do. Here’s to another four years.


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  1. Otto Hanberg Says:

    I am so happy to read this. This is the type of manual that needs to be given and not the accidental misinformation that is at the other blogs. Appreciate your sharing this best doc.

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