The SPOOKY campaign season

I recently received some info on Props 1,2,3, on the ballot for the 6 November 2012 elections sent by Wayne Hoffman of the Idaho Freedom Foundation. What I read of the material was that it is indeed a union busting measure. Where “right to work” can be extended to public employees. Given the fact that “right to work” hasn’t exactly worked out for the workingman or woman in the state of Idaho; there is no question that public employees such as the teachers would be totally opposed to these propositions. What Hoffman fails to disclose is who benefits. Well, the private business interests that Tom Luna wants to shift the taxpayers’ dollars to. Socialism by any other name, and it is spelled out quite clearly in these proposals. “Yours in the name of freedom,” huh? But, if we were to vote “yes,” we would not be offering the current crop of public teachers any guarantees that just because they are outstanding, competent, etc. that they are certain to be employed, get bonuses, and so on in their respective school districts. After all, “right to work” guaranteed that I would not have a self-supporting form of employment, either with Duane Hagadone or J.C. Penney. For that reason, I’ll vote, “no.”

Gallup is but one poll of many taken. Scott Pelley threw it up on screen this evening on the CBS Evening News. With a rather shocked voice, announced that Governor Romney’s lead was shrinking two weeks shy of election day. Well, given his “performance” on the last debate that he had with President Obama (which “The Daily Show” reviewed), I can imagine that his “lead” would lack a high level of sustainability. If he can’t keep a consistent message and constantly contradicts himself, if he seems to be a little too willing to out-Obama the president on key foreign policy issues, then the voters are going to have a serious question about the man who can’t seem to take the idea of being president seriously. Romney proves again why I’ll vote “no.”

And if that wasn’t bad enough, a GOP bible illiterate shoved hoof in mouth when it came to pregnancy as a consequence of rape. Richard Mourdock of Indiana even got Mitt Romney mad at him when, during the debate in his run for the Senate, Mourdock regarded rape that leads to pregnancy was something that God wanted. Then he wanted to whine that his words were somehow twisted or mis-characterized. Will, he did say the words. What God had to say about rape was clearly spelled out in Leviticus. What God said about the sins of the fathers being visited upon the children… was clearly spelled out in the Ten Commandments. If the doofus wants to proclaim his anti-abortion status, then he has some real weird ideas about God; as well as a twisted view of the bible. No wonder Romney went ballistic.

It is only two weeks to election day. Being el stupido is going to stick in the minds of the voters more now than if this kind of crap were mouthed earlier in the year. Akin comes to mind. Which is going to make Romney’s particular ambitions a lot harder to achieve on 6 November.

And then you’ve got The Donald further extending birtherism to a whole new level. $500 mil to Obama’s charity of choice if Obama shows his school records, etc.? Oh, yeah, keep reminding the voters why it would be decidedly unwise to vote GOP.

Jon Stewart had on his show this 24th of October 2012 two interviews with military veterans. He actually wasn’t prepared to joke around and seemed to have done some excellent research on telling his audience as well as the viewers nation-wide, how truly difficult it would be for otherwise well-qualified veterans to establish civilian jobs in their specific field of expertise (MOS). Without a civilian certification, they could not in fact land those jobs. Second, a fellow writing a book about his Afghanistan war experience. “Into the fire,” I believe the book was titled. What he had to say about the retards in the higher chain of command definitely reminded me of what it was like when we were only standing vigil during the Cold War in Germany. Only what seemed like some real incompetence, no real willingness to take responsibility, did not cost lives some thirty years ago. If what this war veteran said was correct, then it did indeed cost some lives. Officers in the TOC who could sit around drinking coffee, as this bitter veteran put it, while their “decision making” was putting soldiers’ lives in jeopardy. The man has my sympathies. All of this following the GOP vote to kill a bill that would do much to aid these people in education and employment. And Mitt Romney, by the way, would make it even more impossible for our young people to get a college education.

I’ll be extremely glad when this election season is over with. Maybe we can toss out a few of the loonies on their butts.


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