Look in the mirror

Today, I am not going to repeat the absurd letters found in the Coeur d’Alene Press by such authors as Phil Membury, J. Gaines, and Norman Leffler either in whole or in part. There is no question that they are Republicans, even further, they demonstrate the typical bigotry that not only would a Democrat defeat a favored Republican back in 2008 but that also, this Democrat is “different” from themselves, racially and presumably religiously. Phil Membury was very quick to make that case in his letter.

So, here is what I’ll do instead; sitting with the ladies at coffee the morning after the Romney/Obama debate, one of the ladies in question said that Romney had turned her off since day one. So, I personally wonder about the U.S.A. Today poll that has “women nearly evenly divided” between Romney and Obama. When you listen, truly listen to Romney, he has the sort of character flaws that demonstrated anew how he could not handle the pressures of the presidency if he is incapable of handling merely being disagreed with in a debate format. Therefore, Phil Membury’s letter could just as easily have been an attack on Romney as well as the GOP National Convention that nominated him. Just replace Islam with Mormon.

J. Gaines admits to watching Fox News and gets his opinions solely from GOP partisans. As for Leffler, calling Obama a “liar” in as grotesque and as demeaning a manner as possible, when Romney has been called out on lies and distortions more often than not, Leffler could have put Romney’s name in such a letter, and been immediately more factual. But, that wouldn’t do, now would it? Point fingers, look for a scapegoat, that’s the name of the political game.

I agreed with one elderly lady that the politicians in general aren’t actually there to “help us,” but to actually put money in their own pockets. Nor did she disagree with me when I related that the only factions or “base” that these elected officials actually answer to or represent are those with money to spend. Which makes it very sad and indeed pathetic that Membury, Gaines, and Leffler write what they do. They aren’t the “base” whom Romney would be fully intent on satisfying were he to actually enter the presidency. And that is why their letters are simply self-delusional.

Of those who watched the debate regarded Romney as no different from Obama in most respects. Well yes, Romney is in fact a big government liberal activist. For the GOP to nominate such a man, puts them in the same left wing corner. Oh, and a note about the “closing of loopholes,” something that Ryan was suddenly all agog at pushing, eliminating tax deductions or “loopholes,” raises taxes because this is now more income that you have to declare. Which puts Romney/Ryan in the same wealth redistributive position as Obama himself. Well, if you can’t be honest about what closing tax loopholes would do, why vote for Romney? Romney behaved rather outrageously so I gathered at last night’s debate. If he can’t act like a grown up under the conditions of a political debate prior to the 6 November election, how would he act as POTUS? Character does matter. Membury, Gaines, Leffler could have and should have said what they needed to about the “man” the GOP wanted for the presidency.

In closing, I’ll make it brief, attacks like this say far more about the attackers and what they have come to represent than the object of their derision. Instead of Membury whining that Obama represents “nothing Christian,” Membury should recognize that what the bible says is applicable to himself first. Membury represents nothing Christian. Leffler is so busy letting others opinions take the place of his own that he refuses to think for himself, could take a moment from shaving his beard or brushing his hair and teeth, and refer to himself as a dishonest human being. Gaines should know that a news outlet such as Fox is going to be perpetually partisan and definitely not “fair and balanced” when it comes to the political opposition, could spend some time getting informed through real news sources, he might then find out about such things as Obama’s foreign or domestic policies and not simply go by someone’s opinions of them. If Gaines prefers to be ignorant, then the world is poorer because of it.


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