How to spell ignorance

Socialism:on one way street

I came to this wonderful country as an immigrant 50-plus years ago from a country that embraced socialism. I see the writing on the wall in this country.

We are sliding very fast into socialism and everything that goes with it: free medical (long lines, up to a year), free schools, there is no work, so people get to stay in school for free. Free child care,—every town has in every neighborhood “nurseries” where the children get to stay all day (state owned). Where does the money come from for all this free stuff? TAXES. And you have to follow the rules.

Remember after socialism comes communism, and we all remember how many lies and untruths the old Soviet Union (USSR) sent out to the world.

P.S. Why did Barack Obama visit a socialistic government when he was running for president in 2008? Think about that when you vote Nov. 6.

Coeur d’Alene

To put it briefly, it doesn’t sound at all as though McManus is describing anything factual in this letter with respect to this nation. I haven’t even heard of any “state owned” nurseries. Only state regulated private daycare (emphasis on “private”). Long before “Obamacare,” you had to make appointments to get any kind of medical treatment and could expect quite a few people at any time to be in the same waiting room with you. And, you might not get in to see a doctor right away as he or she would be booked up with other appointments. So, it seems that here, McManus is trying to project all the faults about Canada (which country he is probably trying to describe) onto this country and this administration. Oh, and by the way, education isn’t “free” whether public or private. And P.S. elected officials visit all sorts of countries while they are in office. So? American-based businesses want to do business with socialist and communist-based societies, and require elected officials to help them get a foot in the door. *Yawn* But it does suggest what “conservative” means to some people today; hanging out your dirty laundry of ignorance for the public to see. Oh, and if McManus did immigrate from Canada? Canada isn’t communist today. No more than France or Great Britain followed the route of communism.

I think that the Coeur d’Alene Press should have put this particular letter after the one presented for publication by A. McManus:

HJR2: More than meets the eye

If HJR2 were simply a restatement of what is already a right of all Idahoans, then it is unnecessary at best. But it is not as harmless as it may appear.

Even if you don’t know or care about the suffering of 40,000 Idaho animals each year that suffer painful slow deaths in snares and leg-hold traps, VOTE NO on HJR2. This proposed constitutional amendment does no good and can do great harm.

The 99.9 percent of Idahoans who do not trap for commercial gain or “sport” should not let the other .1 percent change our constitution. This confusing amendment would set a very bad precedent in allowing special interest groups access to amend our constitution. Our current 22 amendments are rights that apply to everyone, just as it should be.

HJR2 made it onto the ballot with hasty house and senate votes and without the constitutionally required reading aloud and floor discussion, calling it an “emergency” action. Where’s the emergency? That’s an appalling end-run around our constitution.

HJR2 states “the rights to hunt, fish and trap, including by the use of traditional methods” (whatever that means)…”shall forever be preserved for the people…and be a preferred means of managing wildlife.” But in the future, what if other methods of managing wildlife are preferred by the people of Idaho and/or by wildlife professionals? HJR2 sets us up for costly litigation and the need to rescind this constitutional amendment.

Protect the rights of ALL citizens and the value of Idaho’s constitution. Vote NO on HJR2.

Coeur d’Alene

I had received the voter guide on this particular constitutional amendment and immediately recognized it for nothing more than a special treatment amendment for a rather rich and politically well-connected faction who does what the author described: hunt or trap for commercial gain or “sport.” Obviously, to get such a proposed amendment authored and passed in the way that this letter described, money had to pass hands at some point. I’ll agree with McGee that any constitutional amendment must address the rights of all Idahoans and not simply some special interest group that wants government or the constitution to answer solely to their needs alone.

The reason why I placed McGee’s letter second is simple: it is a sure-fire rebuttal to McManus’ ignorant whining on letters, A5 in the 10 October 2012 Wednesday edition of the Coeur d’Alene Press. This constitutional amendment, if adopted by the voters, would demonstrate rather conclusively where factually socialism truly does lie. Special interest groups who stand hat in hand demanding something from government are the people who increase its size and power. Special interests are the factions or groups who create confusing or conflicting rules and regulations that later they complain “burdens” them. It is too bad that McManus doesn’t pay closer attention to what goes on in his own neighborhood, so to speak. And actually start thinking about why we do indeed get signs of socialism regardless of party.


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