Watching no debates

I am going to disagree with Jon Stewart about the debate he highlighted on his comedy show, “The Daily Show with Jon Stewart,” because frankly; I don’t care to be shrilly screamed at, I tend to tune it out. This is a debate not a campaign rally. And Mitt Romney, while stomping his foot and shrilly screaming, besides not telling the truth (as Stewart did manage to point out) why government would not be there for the voting public to bring their redress of grievances to. What he did not say, was whom he intended the government to ultimately support. If people had actually listened to his words past the shrill screaming and stomping of foot, the bluster and the blather, Romney only lost this debate, big time. Apparently, people think that there is more manhood the louder and wider you open your mouth (Stewart included) than there is in discussing what you would do. For that reason, I ignored this debate, and will ignore all the rest of the scheduled debates prior to election day, 6 November 2012. Why should Obama scream as loudly? Further, when Romney is a fellow very prepared to make himself an utter fool, why should it actually be up to the president to remind voters of that? As far as I could tell, Romney was an utter fool at his first debate, he doesn’t believe in “trickle down government,” except of course for the people who want to buy his office for him.

The Dark Matters Trilogy

I have the used DVD “The Golden Compass,” which sits on the shelving in my bedroom. I borrowed the book the movie was based on from the Oak Crest library and was quite pleased that the movie followed the book quite well. Then went on to order from Wal Mart online the trilogy itself. Now fully into the second part of the trilogy, “The Subtle Knife,” where Lyra meets Will Parry who bears the knife that can literally cut wholes between the space time continuum and walk from one alternative world into another. Different from “The Golden Compass,” it provides different forms of terror, different types of violence, especially as it effects adults. No less disturbing and sad in many ways, but it is a book that complex as it is, is easily followed. The concept is, according to Phillip Pullman, that children are indeed the key to our future, and this is a way in which they truly could be so. And it is the adults who demonstrate an utter cruelty to the well-being of children as though truly fearful of the sort of future those children could bring. Mr. Pullman drew on quite a history of this cruelty and wove it into quite a tale to try to inform his readers to be kindlier to the children they brought into the world. To not exploit them, to not harm them.

I have decorated for the most part for Hallowe’en. It took all of three days, wedging decorating around the “Sit and Sew” on Mondays, the VA Hospital appointment Tuesday, and the morning coffee on Wednesday. The weather remains good enough to walk in, no measurable rain, no snow as yet to bury the roads and parking lots, though we did see a cold enough night last night, to frost damage a few flowers in one of the big tubs. Though not apparently, my tomatoes, peppers, and eggplants sitting on the covered back porch, or the squashes, etc. in the raised bed shaded by some maple trees. In about a week or so, Mom will have been dead one year. But, at least she is at peace.


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