Are you better off, than you were 4 years ago?

The List:

  1. No more credit card bills.
  2. Capital One has left me alone.
  3. I have a home I can call my own.
  4. I have feline companionship and some friendly neighbors.
  5. My Farmers’ Market Business has made close to a couple of hundred dollars this year. Better than the not even $50.00 last year. The garden at my new home may not have amounted to much, but at least I got one going.
  6. No deer to chew everything up.
  7. My disowned siblings are leaving me alone.
  8. Go to bed when I am ready, get up when I want to.
  9. Have two bedrooms filled with exotic/tropical plants with plans to add a few more.
  10. People give me aluminum cans to sell. It is greatly appreciated.
  11. I may have sprouted some papaya seeds. I gave two seedlings to a lady who also likes to grow exotic plants. I am potting two for myself and looking to sell some next year if they do well.

Call this the count your blessing list. One of them was definitely on Obama’s watch. Because Capital One Bank had been caught too many times breaking the law, they ceased (for now) to be a problem. Because the fees charged for debit card use were dropped substantially, I have some degree of comfort using mine that draws directly from the inheritance I am receiving. But the news media doesn’t talk to people like myself, who is no longer employed by others. They want to put on center stage people who have sad stories to tell. As though this can only work against the party in power. To “prove” how Obama has failed because some featured lady is in foreclosure and unemployed. Because Nevada has a 12% unemployment. And Mitt Romney promises that all by himself he will create 12 million jobs. Last I heard, only the private sector can create those jobs, and from what I can see, the private sector has looked for many excuses for why it won’t create those jobs. Why would it be any different if Romney got the presidency? Lot’s of hype there fellow, but where are the specifics?

The debate is Wednesday, 3 October 2012. I am not likely to tune into it, because any time I have to endure Romney, I about gag. But, if “The Daily Show” shows highlights of it, I’ll watch Stewart make fun of the whole mess. Romney is practicing for this debate, so it is argued today, 30 September 2012, CBS Evening News. He won the debates among the GOP contenders for the job of POTUS. No actually, the viewers of these debates got a quite disgusting display of fools, clowns, and losers. Romney was chosen as the best of a very bad lot. And given his gaffe ridden campaign, (as Stewart said last week) the second luckiest guy alive. Let’s get real here, there are people who are definitely better off than they were four years ago, but the news media doesn’t want to feature that; they want to show us a president who failed!

Only because I was mowing, watering, planting some bulbs that I bought, slept some, was I watching the CBS Evening News this afternoon. I don’t gloat over how other people despair. If it weren’t for the fact that I have an inheritance, I’d actually be in far worse shape than many of the people that CBS Evening News wants to feature to “prove” how Obama “failed.” Well now, these people must surely have friends and family to rely on. The help of a charitable people to get by on a daily basis. I remember to buy something for the food drive and to take food to Inland Northwest Bank that has a continuous box going for just that purpose. Where I am in a position to help, then I will, and gladly. But, the news media doesn’t feature people like me, people who’s lives did improve because Obama became president. It’s a shame for the news media to fully ignore the success stories because they’d personally prefer a Republican president. Even if that man proves to be the worst possible candidate for the job.


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